Welcome to 2018!  We have made great progress in promoting the

plain and open teachings of Jesus and helping our brothers and sisters to

become fishers of men.  To the extent we have made progress, let us

go on walking orderly in this same course. (Philippians 3:16)


01/17/18 – We have some sad news to share.  Jeffrey Allan, one of the primary partners of this ministry, passed last night in his sleep. He had fought through 4th stage cancer (bordering on 5th stage) and remained in remission for over 3 years. But, a couple weeks ago, we learned that the cancer came back and this time he succumbed. Anyone who spent any time with him knows what a treasure he was and is. He had faith the size of an oak tree and he used it in every venture and at every opportunity to enlighten and encourage family, friends and strangers. All of the partners at considered him the truest brother you could ever find, one who loved us, individually and as a group, with a true, caring, fatherly affection. We are certain he will gain the ‘early resurrection.’ While we miss him terribly, we know there is much work yet to be done to carry out the Master’s Ministry – something Jeffrey devoted his life to. And we want to continue spreading the insights he shared with us daily.  In time, we may share more about this beautiful soul and the tremendous work he did for the kingdom. In the meantime, we want to thank all the doctors who treated him, all the hospital staff that cared for him, all those in the recovery missions around the world who encouraged him, all of the faith sons engaged in the Master’s Ministry who gave him so much joy, and all of the visitors to the site who took the time to read the information inspired by this altogether lovely personality.



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