It is widely believed among our association of Jehovah’s Witnesses that the Christian Greek Scriptures were written to anointed Christians; that only anointed Christians are sons of God; that only anointed Christians have the hope of going to heaven; that only anointed Christians are part of the “body of Christ;” and that only anointed Christians will be a part of the Kingdom of the Heavens.  The vast majority of our association,99.85%, believe they are merely friends of God and have only the hope of residing forever on earth as subjects of the Kingdom of the Heaven. 

     Even though we repeatedly stress that ALL Christians are sons of God and invited to be numbered among the anointed, many of our brothers balk at the idea, challenge our assertions, and stand even more firm in their determination to be mere subjects of the Kingdom here on earth.  So we thought it would be beneficial to discuss the reality of the earthly hope, as described in the Society’s literature, in the hopes that our brothers will realize that the only real hope – the real life – is in the heavens with our Lord.



Article 1:    The Assumed Earthly Hope

May 15, 2012


Article 2:    The Reality of the Earthly Hope

May 15, 2012


Article 3:    The Real Hope for Life on Earth

May 15, 2012



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09/01/12    Visitor believes the article "The Reality of the Earthy Hope" contradicts with the Bible.





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