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Article 2:    'Setting Your Mind on the Spirit Means Life and Peace

                  (Studied Week of February 6-12, 2017)

February 2, 2017 

Paragraph 1.  At the outset of this article, the Writing Department with the approval of the Governing Body, is setting the stage to obscure the ‘glorious inheritance of sonship with God’ and the heavenly destiny of all Christians.  Note carefully the conspicuous absence of including verse 14 of Romans chapter 8, instead they start the reading at verse 15.
Romans 8:14 says:  “For all who are led by God’s spirit are indeed Gods sons.” By excluding this verse from the discussion, the Writing Department is able to define who is “anointed” thereby creating a false distinction between anointed sons of God and all other Christians.  Neither Jesus or the apostles ever made such a distinction. This distinction only exists in the publications of the Watchtower organization.
According to Paul, everyone who is led by the spirit—that is, everyone who is “living in accord with the spirit”—is a son of God and a joint heir with Christ.  Conversely, if we are not sons of God, joint heirs with Christ, we are “sure to die.”
Paragraph 2.  Says, “Anointed Christians are those principally addressed in that chapter.” Again, the Writing Department is perpetrating the same erroneous reasoning began in Paragraph 1. Those principally addressed are identified by Paul in verse 14 as “all who are led by God’s spirit.” Ask any Witness if they are led by God’s spirit and the response is ‘yes’ or ‘I try to be to the best of my ability.’  If this is your reply, then Romans chapter 8 applies to you directly, not by some fictitious extension application! A careful reading of Romans chapter 8 reveals there is no designation “anointed Christians” as so often appears in this article.
Interestingly paragraph 2 defines the criteria for one becoming a son of God with their future in the heavens. 1) They became baptized Christians. 2) God applied the ransom in their behalf. 3) forgave their sins. 4) declared them righteous as spiritual sons.  Who among Jehovah’s Witnesses would deny that they meet all four of these criteria? Keep in mind that even #4 of being declared righteous is through the blood of the lamb, so who does that not cover?
Paragraph 3.  This paragraph is most offensive as it portrays both Jehovah and Jesus as being partial and having class distinctions among their children. Some children being viewed more favorably than the others. The writers indicate that the “anointed Christians” are declared righteous with the Father, but the “earthly hopers” are “in a sense” viewed as righteous.  What does that mean? Where is the Biblical description of “righteousness in a sense?” To support this crude idea, reference is made to Abraham in Romans 4:20-22. After describing Abraham exercising faith in God’s promises, it says this in verse 22; “Therefore, “it was counted to him as righteousness.”  Paul does not describe Abraham as being “righteous in a sense.”
One can conclude from what the Governing Body and Writing Department has published that someone like Samuel Herd, Anthony Morris or Stephen Lett having met the 4 criteria above are declared righteous before God and Christ, but the other approximately 8 million witnesses have a lower standard of righteousness imputed to them. Also Samuel Herd, Anthony Morris or Stephen Lett based on the above criteria are sons of God but the other approximately 8 million Witnesses are just good buddies of the Father, like the kids that live down the street – not really counted as family members. Such man-made class distinctions have no place among a group of persons claiming God as their Father and Christ Jesus as their Savior.
The apostle Peter who once held a prejudicial view toward the Gentiles similar to the Governing Body’s view of some 8 million Jehovah’s Witnesses had his attitude readjusted. He says at Acts 10:34,35,  “Now I truly understand that God is not partial, but in every nation the man who fears him and does what is right is acceptable to him.”
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