We have received several wonderful emails expressing appreciation for the site.  Those that are not too personal are published in this section for the encouragement of our visitors. 

    To those who have sent us emails in support of this work, we thank you, and we want you to know how important your emails are to our entire body of Christ.  





January 11, 2017


Hello and good morning dear friends, I’ve been in association with you for 4 years here in Texas and I just had to break my silence and tell you folks just what you've meant to all of us here in Arlington. I mean no one wants to count, but I really believe the true Jesus Lovers outnumber the Jehovah's Witnesses by a ton. I know we're in the ministry more than they are with there funny little carts. Brothers and sisters there ain't no way in Hades you’re going to get me to stroll around with one of those. But anyway, I just wanted share my joy and how you changed my life letting the spirit move you to write such "food at the Proper time." LOL.  You know I had to throw in at least one dig. Please be well and the website looks fabulous. God bless.


March 27, 2017 - France


[Translated from French]  Thank you very much for the subject concerning the lord's meal, but I think it should not be done anymore.  Indeed, if we follow what the Watchtower said in January 2007, in the article "The First Resurrection is in Progress": 


(1) In paragraph 12, "Jesus Christ was anointed as the future King of the Kingdom of God at Autumn of the year 29 of our era ". Further it is mentioned, "since Jesus was enthroned as King in 1914".  


(2) In the rest of the paragraph it is said: "The resurrection of his faithful anointed disciples began three and a half years, at the latest by the spring of 1918.


In this case, and according to what Paul says in 1 Cor 11: 25,26, according to the words of the Lord Jesus Christ, it was necessary "to continue doing this until his return". Since Jesus has been here, according to the Watchtower, for over a hundred years, it is pointless to commemorate the Lord's Supper.


Of course you will have understood that this is not the case, we must celebrate the "Lord's Supper" because Christ has not yet returned. Nevertheless this little thought, to demonstrate that brothers and sisters among Jehovah’s Witnesses should be more attentive to what the WTS says.


FROM THE AUTHORS:  You make a good point.  The current understanding is that Jesus’ presence or parousia began in 1914 when he was made king of God’s kingdom in heaven and then turned his attention to the earth. This, according to the organization, is the fulfillment of his promise to return.  So if he returned, asking why are they continuing with the Memorial is a good question.  By their actions, it appears that they don’t really believe Jesus returned in 1914.


March 22, 2017 


Dear brothers and sisters. Thank you for posting the recent point from an enquirer. When  I realised I am a faith son of the kingdom and had been baptised as a [Jehovah’s Witness] for about 35 years. it was astonishing to have the blinders come off. One of the main dilemmas I had was what to say to people when going from door to door because I quickly realised that if I met someone who showed genuine interest, I would have to hold out the heavenly hope to them and that would cause problems at the kingdom hall, or direct them to another church or study with them at home and start my own! All the options are unsatisfactory. 


My husband was very disturbed when the notorious [Watchtower] came out about the anointed ones and how they are positively discouraged from meeting together and discussing things pertaining to our heavenly hope. He himself has remained a witness, but I prayerfully decided not to continue as a Jehovah’s Witness. I cannot preach a false hope or a deviant Gospel. Which leads me to now, I do not go from door to door but I really want to fellowship with others who have our zeal and love for active ministry. So after a long and heartfelt prayer, I noticed a real peace descend and here is my answer. It maybe not for everyone but it helped me.


I feel that we are in a waiting time and have to feed and deprogram from our false teachings and deviant doctrines. I know Our Lord Jesus is calling us but we do not have authority to speak until He gives the go ahead  It is not up to a governing body of men to decide who preaches and when.  The fact that we have been irresistibly drawn to Our Lord shows that others will do so  and if we have made ourselves available to Jesus, He will direct us and the people who need us. It takes the worry out of my life and the guilt too. I know this time is for feeding at God’s table and getting strong. I hope this helps someone. We are all getting nearer the light and this site is a godsend. May Our Lord continue to bless you. 


FROM THE AUTHORS: We fully understand what you are dealing with, and you are right to set aside time to feed yourself.  When we first began our journey away from the Watchtower organization, we were on our own spiritually.  That is one of the reasons we started this ministry – to provide spiritual food to build up the faith and courage of those who are making the decision to move on so they can leave as victors, not victims. But the time will come when you are ready and able to begin spreading the true good news. When that time comes, we hope you step up to the challenge as so many former Witnesses are doing. And we will be here for you when that time comes.    


February 19, 2017 - Reno, Nevada


[From a former Elder] Still growing!  Hello dear friends, we are as busy as ever in preaching of the good news of the Kingdom, doing it the right way with the right message. For those who might not know, "the right way" is doing what you do solely for God's glory and not man. So that being said dear friends, we are indeed growing not only in numbers but also and more importantly we're growing in understanding. This understanding allows us to have better and more lively conversations that really stir the spirit and soul. [Another brother and his mother] always sends their love knowing that you friends are so busy, so we keep all of you in our prayers. So with love and faith, we stand united as one spiritual brotherhood. Fight brothers and sisters for every lost or confused child of God. Bless you all!


February 7, 2017 - New York, New York


[From a former District Overseer] Love it! Hello wonderful brothers and sisters, We are overjoyed to be united in purpose with you hard working lovers of God and devoted co-workers alongside the Master Son himself (and to all witnesses of Jehovah, that would be JESUS CHRIST I'm referring too). Friends it must be the Father’s will that at this time in history we learn, accept and love this 5th Revelation because like you we thought many would head for the hills when we mentioned something other than the Bible as having truth in it, but to our utter surprise it's been an acceptance beyond belief. Some say that since they’ve gone around and around with the same teachings for so long, the very idea of learning something new has blown the minds of the spiritual brotherhood. We have for our group of 138, with 3 shepherds and 4 under shepherds to assist in the study group and field service arrangements. Oh yes dear friends, we kept the baby we just got rid of the bath water! Lol! So we thank God for our training because it has helped us to do what Jesus really wanted us to do with his teachings. So keep the beautiful Memorial articles coming and we will move as fast as possible to remain in harmony with the spirit of truth’s directions. We love you and we're praying for you all and please stay away from all the foolishness, I'm sure you get my meaning. Bye for now.


January 13, 2017 - Los Angeles, California

[From a former Circuit Overseer] We are growing!! Hello Dear Brother and Sister.  Persistence does payoff and my wife and I could not put a bigger smile on our faces. The spirit of Christ is really active among JWs where it seems the only thing worth discussing is the increase in partakers. We know for a fact that many were still not counted at the memorial, so yes dear friends, that number would be substantially higher if they didn't discriminate and/or judge who they thought was legitimate. [Re Standing Courageously in Union With Christ.] But it doesn't matter because eventually they will be counted because we shall be the majority! Open up please the floodgates of spiritual food so that we go over the 20,000 mark this year. Oh dear friends, the excitement we feel is truly uncontainable and we know the Our Master Jesus Christ is leading the way by means of his glorious spirit.  Let me say to all elders and men in positions of authority in the Organization, do yourselves a favor and awaken to the truth and to the realization that "in fact we are all sons" of God and don't you believe you've warmed up enough, and now it's time to get in the race for life. We love you friends and all our brothers in all communities where there are faith sons of God and brothers of Christ.


December 18, 2016 - Los Angeles, California 


[From a former Circuit Overseer] Hello Brothers and Sisters, on this beautiful day, I wanted to reach out to you friends just to let you know we are alive and well in Christ. As we continue without letup preaching the actual message of our Lord, my wife and I have come to realize just how few citizens of the Kingdom there are among [Jehovah’s Witnesses] because they don't believe Jehovah belongs to all as their creator, and they definitely don't believe in the brotherhood of man that all are brothers in our faith in Jesus Christ. But we are having success in the planting of seeds with friends we've had for years and even greater success with those new ones we're meeting in our outreach efforts in store front churches and people of all walks of life at bus stops and on the Metro Rail. So if you want to meet all of God’s creation in a day, try the Metro Rail. It will quench your thirst and satisfy your soul the differing conversations you'll have. We as a group continue praying for you brothers and sisters and we too look forward to the new year. Please give our love to everyone especially those related to us in the faith.


November 30, 2016


[From our doctors] Seasons Greetings. Hello Faith sons of God, to my muse for life and to his lovely wife we send love and well wishes during this season of love and joy but also tribulations. We received an update on our brother’s situation and our hearts go out to you both but we are assured that he's in the best care possible so we are encouraged by that at least. [One doctor] and his family will be with me and my family this year in Germany, we try to rotate every year so this is our privilege this year. This has been a year of growth beyond my wildest dreams with so many doctors and nurses living the authentic life in Christ. And because of the change in so many lives, the patients get better care. They then give glowing reports to Hospital board members and family members that it's paid off in more people becoming curious about the Ministry. And as they say, the rest is history, seeds of growth sprouting up everywhere. So keep us in your prayers as we continue doing the same for not only our dear friend but for all of the brotherhood. We love you so much, my friend, words just don't say enough. Until later on, take care.


September 21, 2016 – Chicago, Illinois


[From a former Circuit Overseer] Hello dear brothers and sisters, I hope all is well and pray that our dear brother’s health is improving. I just wanted to let you friends know that you are loved and we appreciate all the hard work you've engaged in over the years and implore you with all sincerity to keep fighting hard for those still lost in the dangerous web of lies being perpetrated throughout the Organization of [Jehovah’s Witnesses]. We know more are ready to hear the true message of salvation. In the last 6 months, several elders and ministerial servants along with countless sisters have come into the Light and have become partakers of Christ. And to a person, all say they have never been happier as real "victors." So you can imagine the joy us old timers feel. So as a request, could you please continue your annual campaign in preparation for the Memorial? But if you’re too busy, trust me, we'd understand especially with all the work being done on the sister sites (wow). What a blessing they are!! We will never forget you life changing friends. May our Heavenly Father bless your every effort. Say a prayer or two for us here in Chicago, Illinois, the Southside. Need I say more. Love you all and [another former Circuit Overseer and his wife] send their love and warm wishes to all who are assisting you with the sites. One Father and One United Brotherhood.


FROM THE AUTHORS: It is so good to hear from you all!  Yes, we will definitely be doing a campaign for the 2017 Memorial Supper, beginning in January. So stay tuned! 



July 24, 2016 - Las Vegas, Nevada


[From 2 former Circuit Overseers and a former Elder] Dear faith sons, [we are] sitting here remembering our humble beginnings in the ministry of our Lord and being so very happy that the Father in Heaven guided us your way to check us on many falsehoods we were either preaching or teaching. And so at the same time we all said let's send a quick hello to you hard working friends and let you know that even though climbing up in age we are still giving it our all in service and also in deep prayer and meditation begging for more spirit and much more understanding. So with that we will sign off and we promise to continue keeping in touch with you friends and keep the good work up.


PS. The video series on the Christ Experiment site on Jesus are superb absolutely awesome for strengthening your understanding of the Man and the uniqueness of his character!!



July 23, 2016 – Atlanta, Georgia USA


[From a former Elder] Hello my dearest of friends, my heart is overcome with emotion because of the series of videos on the Life of Jesus. Dear friends, what an incredible Man Jesus was and what an awesome Eternal Father he is. You know, I thought I loved him before but this new revelation has unleashed in me a feeling of "wanting," wanting to be like him in every way possible. The brothers and sisters here send their love and greetings and say “keep the blessings coming.” We have developed territories with maps like we had in the congregations and we keep records so that all those who show real interest, we follow up with articles from the sister sites that will help further their love for our dear Lord. 


I have a bad cold so it's been waking me up at different hours of the night so I figured I'd let you busy folks know what's been happening. Our friends in Reno are still busting at the seams. Also in Phoenix, Arizona over the last year and a half what started out just with 8 members of a family of faith sons has grown to over 74 faith sons of all ages and nationalities. So say a prayer or two and beg the Master to send more workers to help with the harvesting. Well, I'd better try and get some sleep so until next, stay well my dear brother and sister and give my love to the entire brotherhood of believers. Love you with all my heart. God bless!!




June 2, 2016 - Texas

Hello you faithful followers in Christ, I'm blown away by [the below] email, this testimonial of what the spirit can and will do if you allow yourself to be lead by the spirit. We are ready to open up hearts here in Arlington, Texas and want all those lovers of Christ to rise up and to continue imitating Jesus our Leader. Oh dear friends, I'm in tears just in anticipation of talking to anyone I come in contact with because that sister’s email has got me and my 11 and 15 year old daughters on FIRE!! So thank you dear sister and God bless everyone engaged in this gigantic field under cultivation. I am beside myself, behind myself, in front of myself etc......


June 1, 2016 - California

[From a former Circuit Overseer’s wife] Hello dear brothers and sisters, I just want to thank you for allowing yourselves to be used by our Heavenly Father to open the eyes of so many of us who thought we were spiritually mature with our credentials of faithful service and so forth, only to realize we were running illegally in the race for life, because so many of us didn't belong to Christ. Just think, if I like so many had gone on running, and I mean running hard, and we had finished the race only for the judges to read the list of qualified runners and our name was nowhere to be found. What a feeling God's spirit saved us from experiencing.

Myself as well as my husband totally ignored the spoiled food this year at the Loyalty to Jehovah 3 day farce. Instead we and some friends had a viewing party of
the videos you've provided thus far on our Masters life, and with a meal, then wine and bread,  all shared our new understanding of what his life, death and resurrection meant. That was our Friday. Saturday we went to malls and talked to any and all about "Reconciliation" AJW style using the articles on sonship. This turned out to be so fruitful that of the 17 of us, only 1 person didn't walk away with a "return visit" LOL. Then on Sunday we looked at the video "Journey through the Universe" by brother Gary Tonge and after, we spent an 1-1/2hr in "contemplations" on our heavenly hope.

Dear friends, it was the best convention of faith sons I or my husband have been a part of and now were preparing for our circuit assembly. So for us, instead of throwing away the disciplines we learned over the years, we've decided to use these tools in a productive way. So I'm taking it upon myself to implore any and all lovers of Christ who have knowledge of the promises of the heavens,  made by those in the Heavens, join us no matter where you are on the gorgeous planet. So I do beg our brother and Our Great Awe Inspiring Grand Father to send as many as necessary in to the field so that his Loyal Angels will have a unbelievable Harvest. We love you friends and may our Universe Father Jehovah bless your efforts. By for now!!!

March 31, 2016

[Support of the email on March 22, 2016 below] Exactly, and the Watchtower article further features this thought. As you mentioned that ANY and ALL those who got circumcised, could eat the Passover meal in Israelite times (Ex 12:48, 49) foreshadows who could receive the 'free gift of the holy spirit ' (and to be spirit begotten) in the first century as spiritual Israel, Israel of God -- that is ANY and ALL who repent and get baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for forgiveness of sins. (Acts 2:41) Today, ANY and ALL who not simply dedicate, but consecrate themselves to the Lord and symbolize this by means of full immersion, are Faith Sons of God. The Lord invited ALL to 'take life's water FREE', an open invitation that still applies today. (Rev. 22:17) Only those who realize, appreciate and accept the calling can be finally chosen. We must diligently make the calling and choosing sure to ourselves and fulfill all that our anointed ministry entails. (1 Pet. 2:9; Mat 28:18, 19; etc) 


March 22, 2016 - Florida

The PASSOVER, NOT PENTECOST foreshadows the Lord's supper! The problem with this for the JW organization is it knocks out their two-class system. Notice that the "foreigners", whom the Watchtower equates to the "Great Crowd", who cannot eat their Memorial Supper, could eat the Passover, if they got circumcised. (Ex12:48,49) There was one law for native and foreigner. Both were told to eat the Passover! The Watchtower sweeps this under the rug. Not one JW in a 1,000 knows this!



March 19, 2016 - France

THANK YOU for your thorough studies. I was a half-dead Christian, now I see. 



March 19, 2016 - Massachusetts USA

I would like to remind our brothers and sisters to review the commentary article on this site entitled "The Spirit Bears Witness With Our Spirit." It will be studied worldwide in the congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses tomorrow. It is a paragraph by paragraph analysis of the article. I hope the site administrators will repost links to this article and the series of studies to follow. Already I know of a sister who used the commentary to respond to elders who questioned her partaking of the remembrance supper and skillfully used the Watchtower article to foil their attempts to bring her under suspicion. Regards, Former elder, Boston, MA.


March 8, 2016 - Iowa USA

Enjoy reading what material you supply and wish I had someone in Iowa that felt the same way I do.  I celebrate the memorial by my self while my wife goes to the Kingdom Hall to refuse Jesus's offer.

March 7, 2016 - England

Dear brother and sister and friends. I just wanted to say hello and thinking of you, hoping all is well. Thank you so much for the continued support to us out here who are isolated in ourselves but part of this wonderful and exciting arrangement. I just love the fact you back up each article with scripture and effective reasoning. I find this most comforting. I'm not too sure on some points, but these things take time to sink in. I'm feeling very nervous and excited about March 23rd. I know what I must do. Having been in deep prayer to my Father it is just time now to stand up and be counted. I am of Jewish extraction on my mother’s side. Both my mother and Grandmother defected from their faith and married gentiles as I have also. Strange as it may be I have always felt Jewish on the inside but never been able to explain this. It feels like I have been regrafted in to the tree. Do you know if anyone else has had this experience. Thinking of you and praying for the whole association of dear ones in our Lord Jesus Christ. Your sister 



February 23, 2016

[From a former Elder] Dear loved ones of exceeding faith, I love the [Bright Morning Star] because it's what we need more of and that's "Goodnews." All of the friends here sends their love and greetings and most of all our prayers. As we get more into the Memorial season we look with great anticipation of your enlightening article on the subject, this should be an explosive year for the sons of the kingdom because we've spoken literally to hundreds of JW's whose interest is truly peaked, so we're excited about the potential. Our love for the ministry grows every day and we thank Jehovah God and His Master Son Jesus for the work you friends continue doing in behalf of the Kingdom. Love you much!!

    FROM THE AUTHORS: We will be posting an article in preparation for the Memorial soon.  Stay tuned!



January 28, 2016 - Atlanta, Georgia


Dear brother and sister, Beautiful new sites, the work you've put into updating the sites is a blessing for all of us. Thank all those partnering with you because this must have taken quite a bit of time. The Bright Morning Star will probably go down in the history books as one of the most beautiful game changers when it comes to both non-Christians and Christians thinking differently and acting differently towards their neighbors. The stories you present with actual footage of the experiences are so moving you can't help but want to get involved in this type of harvest work. So this weekend a group of us will be going into the field ministry to introduce people to the Bright Morning Star (February Issue) on our IPads, so we're all excited about what God will open up to us. We have grown in the number of Faith Sons almost double in total especially with younger folks from nearby churches and a good number from Jehovah's Witnesses. Oh yes friends, the Father has granted us an open door of activity because His Will be done and Jesus words and spirit are penetrating the marrow of even the most hardhearted and hardheaded people on earth so keep us in your prayers. We constantly pray for all of you especially hoping our dear brother and friend is getting better and better so I'm going to say so long for now but let me tell you Brother [name omitted] and [name omitted] send their love and greetings who at this time are battling colds and flu's, but they too are head over heels about the new look of the sites. God be with you, love always.



January 10, 2016 - Arlington, Texas


[From a group of 300 plus] My, my, my you have knocked it out of the park dear family!! We all just love it, the only thing we feel missing is the audio on the harvest articles, but the look is so inspiring. Great job to the partners. As for us here in Texas, our goal is to multiply at least two fold this season and with God's help and your timely articles, we believe we can do it! So pray for us as we continue praying for you. Oh how we love you all so very much. Take care of yourselves.



January 10, 2016 - Los Angeles, California


[From a former Circuit Overseer Dear friends I hope you all are in good health and good spirits. My wife and I appreciate greatly the work put into both sites [regarding also, www.FaithSonsofGod.Org] in redoing and rearranging the navigational features. We both so look forward to the Bright Morning Star Newsletters coming soon and the Unraveling Atheists section that with your skill you'll be able to aid these confused and sometimes misguided brothers and sisters so we will stay tuned and may the coming year open the eyes of many more who labor unnecessarily in darkness. May the Lord of Heaven and Earth bless all of those in the harvesting work.



January 7, 2016


Dear Brothers,

Congratulations on the improvements to your website! Our heavenly Father continues to bless your ministry as you uplift the spiritual conversation. The website is more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Many thanks! I have read and listened to parts 1-5 of your 6 part series "We Want to Go with You". Your blow by blow commentary of the individual paragraphs demonstrated true insight and would likely bring much praise to our heavenly Father as biblical truth is expounded. I pray that you and yours maintain the strength to continue in accomplishing your ministry.  Once again, Thanks! Your sister.



January 4, 2016 - McAlpin, Florida


A tremendous thank you for unlocking Romans 8:18-23, for me, it has been a mystery for a long time.

I find it difficult to describe the relief I now feel over having the chains come off, to the correct understanding of Romans 8:18-23. In your article, "Who Are Led by Spirit?", your explanation, of a revelation that was something not formerly known, and that we really had no idea of it prior to Christ's advent here in the flesh, that he taught us that we could become sons of God from Pentecost forward, and the two words, "until now," caused the last chains blocking my understanding to fall off, of this scripture.


I thought Paul's use of the word "is," in the sentence, "For the eager expectation of the creation, [is] waiting for the revealing of the sons of God," lead me to reason that the expectation of the creation "is" waiting, [present tense], for a revealing, [future tense] for the sons of God. I thought the revealing was some time in the future.


Your fine explanation, and the words "until now," was the key for the last chain to fall off blocking my correct understanding. The Watchtower, for a period of time in the past, said that the creation was the earthly other sheep, and of course the firstfruit sons of God were easily identified as the heaven bound anointed ones.


I knew that the preaching work, in the first century was said to having been preached in all creation, so I knew it could not be the everlasting life on earth other sheep, that did not start showing up until after 1935. At that time,I had a dispute with the people that answer questions at the WB&TS, over what the bible definition of creation was, there at Romans 8:18-23. I remember arguing against this above explanation, saying would Paul change his definition of creation, from a few chapters earlier, at Romans 1:25 and :23, where man ,"rendered sacred service to the creation," of :23," corruptible man and of birds and of four-footed creatures and creeping things."


This was just part of a deeper dispute that would take a few pages to describe, but I am so happy to know that these Roman 8 scriptures are saying, using different words, essentially what Paul described in Ephesians as the sacred secret, being revealed in the first century, and I do not have to [wait on Jehovah], the FDS, any longer for their, shoot from the hip, throw it against the wall and see what sticks, non-sense explanations, whooo!



January 3, 2016 - from Krakow Poland

[Translated from Polish] Shalom, love the brotherhood. I thank you sincerely for the new page, is really so beautiful and attractive like everything you write on this page. Keep it up and many blessings of our Father Yahweh and Heavenly Lord and King, Yeshua [Messiah]. He's coming back soon! Amen.



January 2, 2016 - from Britain

Dear Brother and Sister, Just to say blessings in the turning of a new year for all of us especially those who may awaken this year and will need the help from your website. Thank you so much for providing this loving kind and gentle reminder of what Our Lord said all along. It takes courage and faith to set up such a ministry but recognition too. Many thanks to you and all the volunteers. The new format is very well done and easy to access so I wish you God's wonderful blessings and my heartfelt thanks to you once again, your sister in Christ.






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