"Foundation Articles"




   These articles are directed specifically to Jehovah’s Witnesses to show them by a progressive examination of Bible scripture their true hope and their true relationship with God. They help clarify some issues with regard to the heavenly hope and the anointing of the sons of God.  

    It is recommended that all Jehovah’s Witnesses begin with these Foundation Articles so that the understanding can properly develop and so that appropriate questions can be asked, if necessary.  However, we find that once these articles are read, many questions will answer themselves.

    You will find that every article is abundantly supported by scripture.  A printable version (pdf) of each series is provided so you can print them out and use them as study aids.  

    Please feel free to pose any questions you may have on our “Contact Us” page.  All personal information is held in the strictest of confidence.  

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Foundation Articles


I. Seven Letters to the Seven Congregations

Establishing the current status of Jehovah’s work in

building up the congregations  - January 21, 2012


1. To the Body of Christ That Is Scattered Abroad

2. The Importance of Truth

3. Jehovah Has Not Shut off Entry into the Kingdom of the Heavens

4. How Do We Know That Jehovah Is Still Calling Anointed Sons?

5. Why Are the Older Anointed Reluctant to Recognize the Younger Anointed?

6. Why Are the Earthly Sons Reluctant to Recognize the Younger Anointed?

7. The Consequences That Have Resulted from the Failure to Recognize All the Anointed.


II. The Royal Priesthood and the Holy Nation

      Providing the background to the development

of anointed Christians - February 7, 2012


1. A Typical Representation

2. A Shadow of Good Things to Come

3. A Turning of the Shadow

4. A Hazy Outline as Through a Metal Mirror

5. The Covenant for A Kingdom – the Royal Priesthood

6. The Triumph of the Sacred Secret


III. Observing the Oneness of the Faith

Establishing our Christian unity and

common goals - February 9, 2012


1. The One Lord

2. The One Faith

3. The One Hope

4. The One Baptism

5. Bringing it All Together

6. The Honor of Being Associated with the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society Ambassadors


IV. Ambassadors Substituting for Christ

Providing guidance for carrying out our anointed responsibilities,

revealing the real work ahead - February 18, 2012


          1. The Assignment as Ambassadors
          2. The Significance of Substituting for Christ
          3. The Faith and Religion of Jesus
          4. Revealing the Awe-Inspiring Father of All
          5. Ambassadors of the Kingdom of the Heavens
          6. Unity Under the One Kingdom of our God


V. Standing for the Brotherhood

A bold and courageous invitation to all Jehovah’s

Witness  and all those who support March 18, 2012