January 21, 2012


    These series of letters introduce you to the purpose of this Site, namely to encourage and support the development of the Body of Christ worldwide as it relates to Jehovah’s Witnesses.  Each letter progressively discusses this development and ends with a strong entreaty to accept and support each and every anointed Christian.  The letters also entreat anointed Christians to stand firm and sure in their hope, knowing that, like their older brother, Jesus, they are spiritually invincible!

    We suggest you read each letter in order.  As you read each letter, pray on the information that you may test the inspired expressions. (1 John 4:1)  

    These are important and exciting times.  We must be prepared and remain ready so that every nation can bless themselves by means of our faith. (Galatians 3:8)

    If you have any questions or comments, please send us an email.  We respond to all inquiries.


  “The Seven Letters to the Seven Congregations”


Letter No. 1 To the Body of Christ That Is Scattered Abroad

Letter No. 2 The Importance of Truth

Letter No. 3 Jehovah Has Not Shut off Entry into the Kingdom of the Heavens

Letter No. 4 How Do We Know That Jehovah Is Still Calling Anointed Sons?

Letter No. 5 Why Are the Older Anointed Reluctant to Recognize the Younger Anointed?

Letter No. 6 Why Are the Earthly Sons Reluctant to Recognize the Younger Anointed?

Letter No. 7 The Consequences That Have Resulted from the Failure to Recognize All the Anointed.



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