December 30, 2014



   It has been thirty-six months since we began this website, and nine months since our last update - Kingdom Update April 2014. During the past nine-month period, we continued with our theme “The Father’s Acceptable Year” based on Luke 4:18-21: (1) by presenting our ideas on how the Watchtower organization can correct their most glaring errors and help our brothers align themselves with Christ Jesus; (2) by highlighting a travesty occurring in the Kingdom Halls with a view to preventing future error; and (3) by publishing articles designed to strengthen our brothers’ faith in unseen realities and prepare them for a glorious future. 

    As of April 2014, our reports indicated that there were over 8.7 million whole-souled children of God from many different religions and denominations in over 171 countries who ascribe to the ‘plain and open teachings of Jesus.’ As of December 2014, that number has grown to over 27 million in over 175 countries and continues growing exponentially. The fastest growth is in China, but our brothers in the Middle East are also growing, especially in Dubai and Iran. Imagine if just 20% of the son of the kingdom introduced the plain and open teachings of Jesus to just one other person each month, there would be over 50 million sons of God participating in the 2015 Remembrance Supper!  If this practice continued throughout 2015, (hold onto your hats), there could be more than 2.8 billion sons by the end of the year! That’s a third of the world’s population, all accomplished in only 4 years of reintroducing Jesus’ plain and open teachings! At that rate, we could surely bring heaven down so that God’s will can be done on earth as it is in heaven. (Matthew 6:10) So how have we been accomplishing this? 

Presenting Possibilities to the Governing Body


    Our primary objective from the beginning has been to effect positive change in the teachings of Jehovah’s Witnesses, especially as it relates to the two-hope doctrine which serves only to shut the door to the Kingdom of the Heavens. (Matthew 23:13) We pursued that objective by reaching out to the Governing Body, pointing to the plain teachings as set forth in the Bible and offering our assistance and suggestions on how the organization could correct this death dealing doctrine. After over 70 letters with no direct response, we ceased our effort to reach out to them directly. Instead, we turned our attention to the local brothers and sisters, and publicly shared our ideas for change in the Possibilities Series. We dramatized possible scenarios and their likely outcomes if the Governing Body corrected its error so that our brothers could visualize what true faith could look like for the Governing Body and for Jehovah’s Witnesses individually. The series included dramatic presentations of conversations among Witnessesa meeting of the Governing Body, suggestions on reorganizing the fellowship, a meeting with Traveling Overseers, an Annual General Meetingcongregation reactions and fallout dilemmas. These dramas reached the hearts of so many and showed how easy it is to put our brothers and sisters on the spiritual path Jesus set before us.     


    We know from credible sources that the individual members of the Governing Body have read each of the articles in the Possibilities Series and have had many conversations about the need to make adjustments similar to those outlined therein. And we also know that two or three members of the Governing Body were having a serious crisis of conscience leading up to the 2014 Annual General Meeting. Though not yet having the courage to openly correct their errors, they continue to this day in contemplation of how they can extricate themselves from their gross errors and forestall the organization’s continued march toward insignificance. And how unfortunate for an organization of preachers and teachers that all of the growth mentioned above could have occurred in association with the Watchtower organization if only the Governing Body had acknowledged their errors and humbled themselves before the Christ as Jesus implored:


“Moreover, do not call anyone your father on earth, for one is your Father, the heavenly One. Neither be called leaders, for your Leader is one, the Christ. But the greatest one among you must be your minister. Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.”

 Matthew 23:9-12


    Sadly, the procrastination of the Governing Body in humbling themselves is leaving behind a trail of spiritually ignorant people, broken homes, and once-faithful men and women who have turned to atheism and agnostism, just as occurred in the 1st century:


“Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! because you travel over sea and dry land to make one proselyte, and when he becomes one, you make him a subject for Gehenna twice as much so as yourselves.”

Matthew 23:15


    Consequently, we hoped to shake up their thinking abilities and agitate their spirit by publishing articles that reveal the damaging and death-dealing effects of their continued teachings in opposition to Christ Jesus in articles such as BloodguiltA Sham in the Halls of Shame, the 3-part article Apostasy in the Fenway Congregation, and Fighting the Fine Fight. We also published an article that explains to the non-Witness community how Jehovah’s Witnesses view their own relationship with Christ in the article entitled Who Are Jehovah’s Witnesses?     


    However, we must admit that the delay of the Governing Body in making needed changes presents a benefit to each and every Jehovah’s Witness. Each one continues to have the divine opportunity to choose the Christ out of their own faith volition, and not as a result of obedience to men.  As we have written many times, should Jehovah’s Witnesses turn to Christ and accept their sonship with God only because the Governing Body allows it, they would still be followers of men. (See Fallout Dilemmas.) This is why we see the procrastination of the Governing Body as potentially beneficial since it provides the iron against which the faith of Jehovah’s Witnesses can be sharpened.     


    Yet, in spite of our disappointment with the Governing Body, we finished the year on a positive note with articles designed to strengthen our faith in the Father’s divine protection and guidance in articles such as Faith in Unseen RealitiesWalking By Faith, and The Witness of the Spirit, as well as an article that encourages real tangible service to our brothers, ChristGiving! As a result of these articles, hundreds of our brothers (that we know of) have reached out in their communities to serve others, no matter their religious affiliations, by participating at food banks, and having their own food and clothing drives to help their less fortunate brothers. They are truly experiencing Jesus’ promise that there is more happiness in giving than in receiving. (Acts 20:35)


    Since the Watchtower organization frowns on participating in these types of activities, unless they are sanctioned by the Governing Body and done primarily on behalf of Jehovah’s Witnesses, we commend and celebrate the faith and courage that these ‘Good Samaritan’ sons of the Kingdom display. They are standing firm with Christ and experiencing true spiritual liberation!  So what about the second part of our objective? 


Possibilities in the World At Large


    The second prong of our primary objective is to uplift the spiritual conversation worldwide. We are doing this on this website, and in April 2014, we introduced our new venture in this regard,  – “an adventure into the infinite possibilities of God.” We hope to challenge the comfort zones of our brothers and sisters of all faiths and denominations, and stir them to greater spiritual insight by introducing new, and sometimes controversial, ideas. Our latest Experiment –Experiment No. 6 – fearlessly examines extra-Biblical literature to see if they offer anything to enhance our understanding of the Bible, God, Jesus or our origin and destiny. On behalf of those who are timid in this regard, we reminded our audience that practically every religion uses extra (or non) Biblical writings in their spiritual development. For example, The Watchtower and The Awake! are extra-Biblical writings, yet Jehovah’s Witnesses have no problem freely accepting and examining them.


    The response to Experiment No. 6 has been overwhelming! We had no idea that so many people, including many Jehovah’s Witnesses, are open to such a fearless and forthright examination, and are hungering for more. In fact, we learned that many have been secretly doing their own extra-Biblical research for years! We encourage all of our spiritually mature readers to take a look at our new experiment and share your thoughts.  The more people participate, the more meaningful the results, whether in support of, or in opposition to, the topic under consideration. You can see some of the responses to this Experiment on these links: Emails to the Christ Experiment, and Comments about Experiment No. 6. And in this endeavor, we have only scratched the surface.


    In the coming year, we will turn our focus more toward the ministry. Specifically, we will be going out into the community with the plain and open teachings of Jesus in a new, bold and exciting way. We hope many, many sons of the Kingdom will share in this new ministry. It will be a way to resolve the dilemma of feeling spiritually alone in our communities, and it will satisfy the compelling spiritual urge to freely speak about Christ without ecclesiastical limitations or entanglements. More information about this outreach ministry will be published within the next couple of weeks in an article to be entitled, Into His Harvest. So please stay turned.


    We are so excited at what has been accomplished by this ministry in just 3 years and we are even more excited about future possibilities. We expected the unexpected and we have not been disappointed. We know millions of our brothers feel the same way. We firmly believe that the growth we have achieved thus far has only been possible by the assistance of our celestial family who are ‘in his harvest’ (Matthew 9:38) reaping souls for Christ. What a thrill to be co-workers with such divine ministers and the incomparable Spirit of Truth (John 16:13) who continually support Christ’s brothers and gently guide them into spiritual liberty and enlightenment in this momentous time, the Father’s Acceptable Year!


“Elaia Luchnia”

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