January 8, 2014



    It has been 4 years since we began this website, and twelve months since our last update Kingdom Update December 2014.  In a January 2014 article, Discerning the Time of Inspection, we explained that, due to the Watchtower organization’s determination to pattern itself after the failed Jewish religious system, and to reject, suppress and oppress the sons of God among Jehovah’s Witnesses, the organization will meet a similar demise. What we have seen over the past two years provides evidence that they are indeed heading in that direction far faster than we had expected. And the reason for the decline lies squarely at the feet of those in leadership positions, not as the result of any outside persecution. Here are some of the factors, among many others, that are contributing to and causing its downfall:


  • JW Broadcasting - an endeavor intended to impress the viewers with the activities of the organization and to promote the members of the Governing Body. In reality, the Governing Body members are now televangelists begging for money just like other Christian sects whom they once severely criticized for the very same actions. Instead of bringing praise and glory to the organization, the monthly broadcasts are exposing the unsound nature of their teachings and the inadequacies and insincerity of the members of the Governing Body, making them a laughing stock in the JW community. If these broadcasts are picked up by mainstream media, they will no doubt prove to be very embarrassing to the local congregations and will further impede their misguided ministry. We are finding that even those who once were steadfast footstep followers of the Governing Body are beginning to question their teachings and authority like never before. As such, JW Broadcasting is playing a significant role in many Jehovah’s Witnesses becoming inactive and leaving the religion.


  • Failure to Report Child Sexual Abuse - in July 2015, the Australian Royal Commission revealed that over 1,000 child sexual abusers were identified as being among Jehovah’s Witnesses in Australia alone, yet the organization failed to report a single one to the legal authorities. The inquiry has led to more Jehovah’s Witnesses in other countries coming forward to expose their own experiences of child sexual abuse by fellow Witnesses.  The revelation of the depth of corruption is bringing shame to active Witnesses and causing nonWitnesses to view the organization as a dangerous cult. The investigation and exposure is not over yet and it appears that similar investigations may begin in other countries.


  • Move to Warwick – the decision to move their headquarters to a remote area in upstate New York on what is now known to be contaminated land. This decision resulted in significant clean up expenses and unsuccessful lawsuits, and now there are concerns that some of the volunteer workers might have been contaminated by the dangerous substances on the property. If so, the organization will be financially liable for the injuries to those volunteers. The hardships plaguing the Warwick project may partially explain why the organization has been forced to halt or slow down practically all other building projects, significantly downscale the number of residential buildings and engage in repeated pleas for money.


  • Money Grab - purportedly cancelling the congregations’ debts to the organization, but at the same time requesting ‘donations’ that equal or exceed the amount of the debts and continue long after the debts would have been paid. At the same time, they request all congregations to forward all excess funds in their bank accounts to the branch offices. This appears to be in response to poor financial decisions as mentioned above, increasing lawsuits against the organization, and governmental regulation. But this plan is backfiring as well, as many congregations are not making the desired ‘donations.’


  • Abandoning Bethelites and Special Pioneers - laying off hundreds of Bethelites and Special Pioneers without providing any severance pay or compensation for their long years of service. In a JW Broadcast, Samuel Herd of the Governing Body delivered a carefully scripted, yet conflicting message about this development. We noted Brother Herd barely looked up from his notes as if he could not look the brothers and sisters in the face. His own dispirited delivery belied the optimistic spin he attempted to infuse into the stark picture of the downsizing of a once thriving energetic brotherhood. These dismissed workers will be forced to fend for themselves with no financial help from the organization. As a result, the workers, their families and local congregations are getting a shocking wake up call. A few months ago, the Bethelites were “Happy” as displayed in an odd video, but we wonder how they feel now. We expect that, in the near future, many of these laid off workers will become outspoken critics of the organization’s internal workings and its callousness and lack of concern for those who gave their prime years to the organization. 


  • Doctrinal Flip-Flops– the so-called “new light” published over the past years seems to be reactionary moves done to prop up failed teachings rather than to impart a better understanding of truth.  Instead of enhancing knowledge, their ‘current understanding’ is often a complete contradiction of the ‘prior understanding,’ revealing that there is a clear lack of spiritual direction. Only last month, they decided to discontinue dozens of publications which contained their old light and spoiled junk food. And, of course, the flip-flops are causing more of the slothful and sleeping Witnesses to wake up, further adding to the decline.


  • Abrupt Organizational Changes - there have been several abrupt changes in procedures and goals which do not appear to be well thought out theocratic adjustments, but rather reactionary moves in response to dire financial woes and government regulation.  Such as the abrupt change in the naming of the Theocratic School, the abrupt halt to Kingdom Hall constructions, the abrupt dismissal of Bethelites, and the abrupt downsizing of the Warwick residences. In the January 2016 JW Broadcast, Brother Lett claimed that the reason for the changes and downsizing is so that they can put their resources “into the field.” But we wonder, in what way?  The newly reassigned Bethelites and Special Pioneers, and of course the Missionaries, are no longer being financially supported by the organization, they have reduced the printing of literature, they are ceasing or slowing down the construction of Kingdom Halls, and they do no charity work. So how are funds being used “in the field?” The Governing Body’s refusal to be transparent with the association about the reasons for these abrupt changes is causing distrust in the local brothers and sisters who are wisely responding by closing their wallets.


    All of these self-inflicted injuries are causing chaos, instability, and panic in the organization. Soon, the only ones remaining will be blind fanatics and power-hungry wolves. Unfortunately, many who have the courage to leave are left with a spiritual void that is leading them to agnosticism and atheism. It is just as Jesus proclaimed to the Sanhedrin – those who convert to the Watchtower religion can become worse off than those who never knew God. (Matthew 23:15)


    A couple of years ago, when we first started this ministry, we published an article entitled Turning the Titanic, expressing our intent to help the organization correct itself and avoid selfdestruction by reintroducing the simple message of Jesus that all are sons of God and heirs to the heavenly kingdom. (Matthew 23:8-10; Romans 8:16-17) We believed that if the organization could make that one change, it would immediately extricate itself from its downward spiral and free Jehovah’s Witnesses to serve God disentangled in foolish and harmful doctrines. This tiny mustard seed of truth planted in the Watchtower organization is all it would have taken. But instead of welcoming Jesus’ simple message, the leadership became further entrenched in opposing the Christ and his brothers. In our estimation, the opportunity to self-correct and revitalize themselves through a return to the plain teachings of Jesus has now passed.


      Accordingly, our ministry has now become a ‘search and rescue mission’ with the hope of filling the inevitable spiritual void with the plain and open teachings of Jesus that can heal the abuses of the Watchtower organization and lead to a life beyond imagination. (1 Corinthians 2:9)


   For example, in response to the doctrinal flip-flop and double-talk in defining “this generation” of Matthew 24:35, we published the article “This Generation” – The September 2015 JW Broadcast. We also published two multi-part commentaries dissecting the January 16 Watchtower study articles about anointing, entitled “The Spirit Bears Witness With Our Spirit” and “We Want to Go With You.”  These articles clearly reveal the spiritual impoverishment of the Watchtower organization in their teaching and writing.  And these articles are having tremendous success in filling the spiritual void and developing true sons of God.


    We also published a few articles about the Australian Royal Commission’s inquiry such as The Australian Inquiry – Child Sexual Abuse, The Australian Inquiry – Review and Observations, and The Australian Inquiry – An Object Lesson in Religious Self-Governance, as well as Guardians of Doctrine” and Other Strange Sayings, an article examining the ‘less than honest’ testimony of Geoffrey Jackson of the Governing Body. While these articles point out the gross errors in the practices and procedures of the Watchtower organization with regard to child sexual abuse, they also offer solutions and encouragement to utilize the lessons learned in a way that fosters true religious freedom.


    We also notice the many new website, blogs and YouTube channels of inactive and former Witnesses that have sprung up in the last couple of years exposing other abuses and errors of the organization and its teachings. And we expect even more will arise until the die-hards in the organization are forced to hide out in their new Warwick compound just like the Jim Jones cult that fled to their newly built compound in Guyana.  Although we hope the outcome is not as tragic.


   For our part, we will continue to keep this website up for the awakening and fleeing Jehovah’s Witnesses in hopes that they will find the true message of Christ and not go down with the sinking ship or become victim to shortsighted arguments of atheism.


   We are also enhancing our sister site, with two new sections:

   (1) Unraveling Atheism – thought provoking information to counter some of the arguments of atheism and show that true religion is alive and well, and thriving among thinking people; and

   (2) The Bright Morning Star, Ending End Times Theology – a newsletter highlighting positive news around the world and challenging the suppositions of End Times Theology.


    As of the writing of this article, the additions to the FaithSons site are still under construction, but we hope to have the first new articles published by February 1, 2016.  We encourage all to visit the site and feel free to share your thoughts with us on these two timely subjects.


    In spite of the tumultuous goings on in the Watchtower organization, faith sons of God around the world are awakening and the brotherhood of Christ is expanding into over 185 countries. Even within the organization where the sons of God are famished and oppressed, the number of the “sons of God” increased 7.5% over the past year, while the “slaves of God” grew only about 1.5%. That is, according to the 2016 Yearbook of Jehovah’s Witnesses. We know that the number of actual partakers in 2015 far exceeds the amount reported in the Yearbook.


    In our last update, we published the number of new faith sons of God who had joined themselves to the plain and open teachings of Jesus. Unfortunately, it created an unintended distraction from the message. While the numbers were encouraging to many, some stumbled and lost sight of the message due to their disbelief in the growth. For this reason, we withhold those numbers this year so as not to distract from the more important things. But know that the growth by means of direct access to this website, by sharing printouts of the articles, and by word of mouth is continuing!


    The unraveling of the organization is reminiscent of the words of John the Baptist: the ‘sons of the kingdom’ will keep on increasing, while the ‘sons of the earth’ will keep on decreasing. (John 3:30) And this exchange of power will go on until all that is left in the Watchtower organization are fanatics and wolves. In a similar way, it will be as Paul described, ‘the children of the slave woman will be driven away,’ whereas the sons of the free woman, will inherit the kingdom! (Galatians 4:27-31)


    So as we move into 2016, let all the free sons continue expanding the borders of the brotherhood of Christ and exerting ourselves as ambassadors of the heavenly country until we gain the prize!


“Elaia Luchnia”

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