March 26, 2017



     In the March 2014 Watchtower publication, “Our Kingdom Ministry,” it poses the question: “Will this Memorial be our last?”  Now that time has passed, most people will say that March 2014 Memorial was not the last.  However, we have noticed something interesting that causes us to say that perhaps it was, in fact, the last one!

        For example, we noticed something was missing in the Memorial invitations over the past few years.  Did you notice it? Here is the text of this year’s 2017 Memorial invitation:


Centuries ago, a divinely inspired prophet foretold the time when man would be at peace with nature. Illness would be eliminated. Families would build their own houses, plant their own fields, and enjoy the fruits of their labors. —Isaiah 11:6-9; 35:5, 6; 65:21-23.

Jesus performed powerful works that showed on a small scale how such prophecies will become a global reality. His death was fundamental to the future elimination of every cause for sorrow. So important was Jesus’ death to the fulfillment of God’s purposes that Jesus commanded his disciples to commemorate it. —Luke 22:19, 20.

This year, according to the Bible’s lunar calendar, the anniversary of Jesus’ death falls on Tuesday, April 11. Jehovah’s Witnesses invite you to meet with them on that date to listen to an explanation of how his death can benefit you and your family.

      Did you notice it?  This is supposed to be an invitation to the annual observance of the last meal Jesus had with his apostles where he asked them to continue to drink of the cup and eat of the loaf as a remembrance of him.  Notice how this is emphasized in the March 2014 Public version of the Watchtower:

On the night before he surrendered his life, Jesus instructed his faithful followers to remember, or commemorate, his sacrifice. Using the unleavened bread and the red wine before them, he instituted what has been called the Last Supper or the Lord’s Evening Meal and commanded: “Keep doing this in remembrance of me.”—Luke 22:19.

      And according to their official website, the “Lord’s Evening Meal” is described like this:


A literal meal consisting of unleavened bread and wine as symbols of Christ’s body and blood; a memorial of Jesus’ death. Since this is an observance that Christians are Scripturally required to keep, it is also appropriately termed “the Memorial.”—1Co 11:20, 23-26.

     The Watchtower organization’s official position is that the Memorial of Christ’s Death is commemorated by observing the Lord’s Evening Meal.  Yet, there is no reference at all to this meal in the 2017 invitation!  They completely bypass it altogether!  It seems that, for Jehovah’s Witnesses, the actual Lord’s Evening Meal is no longer of much importance in commemorating the Memorial of Christ’s Death.

     You can confirm this by looking over the Memorial invitations that have been published over the last few years. Nowhere in those invitations does it mention the Evening Meal or the bread and wine.  It completely omits any reference to actual actions that Jesus said should be done ‘in remembrance of him’ – the taking of the bread and the wine.

      If you did not notice the Lord’s Evening Meal has been omitted from the past few Memorial invitations, do not be too surprised.  Most Witnesses did not notice it either.  That is because, for the Watchtower organization, the bread and the wine mean nothing.  Yes, a talk will be given attempting to explain the Meal, and the bread and wine will be passed, but only about ½ of 1% of all Witnesses all over the world will participate in the Meal.  In fact, in the talk, the speaker will tell all those in attendance, Jehovah’s Witnesses and invited guests, that they should not partake!

      They completely pass over the promised hope by Jesus:

“But I say to you: I will by no means drink again any of this product of the vine until that day when I drink it new with you in the Kingdom of my Father.”

- Matthew 26:29

       There is no mention of the prospect of ‘drinking it new with Christ in heaven,’ no postulating or imagining about that hope.  But there is plenty of speculating and imagining of the unsanctioned hope of playing with animals and living forever on an earth that sounds like nothing more than a pampered zoo. Yes, the one commemoration for the sons of God to honor Christ by openly confessing union with him and the Father has been denigrated, minimized and pushed aside in the Watchtower organization and has been replaced by a mock event that honors a so-called ‘earthly hope’ – a hope that neither Jesus nor the apostles ever taught. 

      The earthly hope is a contrivance of man that is only accepted because the Governing Body has effectively closed the door to the heavenly kingdom for all mankind (Matthew 23:13), leaving only this secondary false hope to strive for.  We can think of no better scheme to turn people away from Christ than to teach them that they are not sons of God, they are not brothers to Christ Jesus, and are not invited to be with Jesus and the Father in heaven.  Ask yourself: Who would be the happiest if all mankind accepted a teaching that kept the majority of mankind permanently separated from God and Christ Jesus?  Would you say: Jehovah? Jesus? Satan?

       Yes, the teachings of the ‘Guardians of Doctrine’, the Governing Body, are causing Jehovah’s Witnesses to fall victim to a machination of the Devil. They have given more emphasis to their own prophetic interpretations than the express words of Jesus.  Will they have enough courage, enough love, and enough desire to correct their path and begin again to advertise and encourage participation in the Lord’s Evening Meal?  Or will they blindly lead nearly 8 million Jehovah’s Witnesses, and all who listen to them, into the pit? (Matthew 15:14) More importantly, will they lead YOU into the pit? 

      We are encouraged by the number of Jehovah’s Witnesses who are accepting the invitation to sonship with the Father, not because of the teachings of the Governing Body, but in spite of them.  The sons of God represent the real growth in the Watchtower organization.  As the 2017 Yearbook shows, over the last year, the number of baptized publishers increased by only 1.8%, whereas the number of partakers increased 19%!  This growth is occurring in a hostile spiritual environment, giving strong evidence that these courageous sons are truly being led by spirit.  This is good news for the truth-lovers in the Watchtower organization.

       We hope you join this growing number of faithful men and women and take a stand this year on the side of Christ Jesus, and against the errors of men by making a public declaration of your heavenly hope (Hebrews 10:23), so that Jesus will confess union with you before his Father in heaven. (Matthew 10:32)

       Even though most in attendance at the Watchtower Memorial commemorations have already been to their last commemoration of the Lord’s Evening Meal, you can be among those who continue on in obedience to Jesus’ request that we ‘eat and drink of him’ as his designated way of remembering him.

       As always, we welcome your comments.

“Elaia Luchnia”


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