We invite all who participated in the commemoration of the 2013 Memorial Supper to share their experiences of the night for the encouragement of all who recognize their sonship with God and the one living hope – sons worldwide and from all denominations. 

    Please include information on where you held your Supper, how it was conducted, how many participated, what city/state/country you are located in, and any encouraging experiences.  All such experiences will be published here, with the permission of the contributors. 

    Our goal is to eventually get the entire world of Christianity, and even the entire planet, to recognize and honor our Creator Son of God who materialized in the person of Jesus of Nazareth. 

(Colossians 1:15-16) 




[These experiences are posted with the most recent at the top.]


April 8, 2013 - From Nevada, USA

Joyful greetings dear friends. We as a family were talking about the wonderful great crowd of heavenly partakers at our memorial where hundreds partook and how odd the few that didn’t partake must have felt. But dear friends a sight to see, the air was so filled with Christ presence. We talked in and outside the Kingdom Hall, no one wanted to leave. Some of our friends in different cities and states didn’t have the hundreds, but they also had good turn outs of either first timers or long in the tooth folks. Thank you friends for stirring this pot of the Kingdom Good New message. May Jehovah continue to use us and you faithful stewards.

April 8, 2013

Better than ever I have felt during and after the Memorial.  Not fear but something else.  I would say Jehovah’s Holy spirit was there all the time encouraging me, strenthening me to hold fast my true hope even though some did not believe that I am one of those to partake, maybe because I am the youngest of those brothers. But I tried to make up my mind, and yes I did, nothing stopped me from doing so.  That is, this year again I stood up and partook during the Memorial meal.


April 5, 2013 - From California

Hey family, it’s been awhile but rest assured we are fully on board.  I see [your brother] is getting better and that's a blessing, and we pray for you because of the feeding you do. Hey last week, we had a wonderful Memorial Supper. It was the best. We gathered on the 26th and on Easter, and then we had a reading of "Thinking Ahead" and "Remembrance" and "Jesus In Our Midst." With tears of joy we honored our Christ, so thank you all very, very much!

April 5, 2013 - From Nevada

AnointedJW, just wanted to say thank you for strengthening our faith with your articles. "Jesus In Our Midst" is the one that did it for the 9 of us, of which 3 were first timers including myself. We did both the Hall and at home because the Hall felt like it was done to set an example. The home supper felt like the joy of the brotherhood. We hope to double or triple the number next year. Keep doin whatcha doin. Jehovah be with you all.

March 30, 2013 - From Germany

Hi Sisters & Brothers, for the first time in our lives we were partakers. It felt great and right. We didn't go to a kingdom hall but were five persons at home and hopefully Jesus among us. Greetings from Germany.

March 30, 2013 - From Atlantida, Uruguay 

Dear brothers, maybe my experience at Memorial is not the most cheerful, as it shows the other side of the coin. Upon passing the emblems, the ushers were ordered to skip me. In fact what happened, they took the bread of the person who was to my left and gave it to the person on my right.  They did the same with the wine. When the elders and ministerial servants met previously to make arrangements for this day, this procedure was determined, with the exception of one of the elders present who warned them that this was not the correct procedure.  Actually it does not matter. My relationship with Jesus is not with them. But I think it is important to emphasize this experience given the reluctance of many to the heavenly calling. It is hoped that similar experiences can be avoided in different parts of the world. Is it possible that a group of men, however sincere they may be, can shut the heavens, brothers? No. I do not think it possible. Did it change something in my relationship with God? No. No change at all. Is it possible that the Earth has a group of men to help find his brothers a better hope? Yes this I think. Did it change something that my relationship with God? Yes, a lot.  Thank you very much to God and to you.

March 29, 2013 - From California, USA

Dear Fellow anointed ones. Six new sons of God, in a private home, participated of the bread and wine to honor the Father and the Christ for giving us a living hope. We rejoice in this wonderful new spiritual life and ask you to continue to help us all to stay strong. Thank you for all you have done for us. May the Christ continue to strengthen you to his service in the gathering of the “things on the earth” that belong to him.


March 28, 2013 - From California, USA

Hello fellow Faith Sons, I could not be anymore proud of the love and hard work you wonderful folks do. It was so encouraging to have just with our congregation 16 new partakers along with the 11 already with the hope. So now the real work begins for us, we want to increase the masters belongings for next year.  So thank you once again for providing some great food. God be with the spirit you show.

March 27, 2013 - From Mexico

Hey my Brothers, we did it!  All 168 of us partook at a local Kingdom Hall. We overflowed the building but we did it and we were not leaving until we were served. Thank you faithful sons for guidling me and my family to see real plain truth.

March 27, 2013 - From London, UK

I feel always encouraged from your articles. I felt always heavenly from my youth but didn’t understand that why. But from 2008, I was pretty sure I am one who Our Heavenly Father Jehovah and Our Lord Jesus has called. I recently came back home from USA where last year for the first time, I displayed I belong to Jesus and His Messianic Heavenly Kingdom. This year was more easy and calm not to nervous as last year. I feel so much holy spirit inside me. May we all Christ brothers and sisters meet soon in Heaven.

March 27, 2013 - From California, USA

Hello brothers! I just wanna let you know how it went last night. I attend a Spanish congregation. I have been partaking for 8 years now. I have had always the privilege of doing the prayer for the bread or the wine. This year the brothers didn't give me that privilege. I sat in the middle of the kingdom hall and many saw me partaking. I was still the only one partaking. I'm sure many will wake up to the only Christian hope, to be with Christ in heaven. Thank you so much for the articles. Reading them prepared me for that night. Love you all brothers and sisters. 

March 27, 2013 - From Nevada, USA

Well, well, well.  How about 345 and one Circuit Overseer!  That’s right dear friends, it was amazing.  Three bottles of wine used up. It was the best ever.  We stayed at the Kingdom Hall til 10:30 sharing stories of faith and our plans for the future. Oh yes friends, we are preparing for next year.  We love you friends.

March 27, 2013 - From Illinois, USA

It’s a wonderful day to be alive, and we all want to thank you friends for the relentless encouragement to do the right thing. So 12 new sons partook at the Kingdom Hall and after that memorial, 11 partook at my home.  It was twice as good because of your articles.  And now everybody is calling asking what’s going on, so more will hear the message. I don’t think anyone has been to bed yet. We are aglow with the spirit. Father be with you fine Faithful Stewards.

March 27, 2013 - From Texas, USA

Greetings Friends, what a night to remember.  All 54 of us, both family and friends, partaking together in honor of our Christ. We laughed and cried as one united family and more want to get together in 2 months because several friends were not able to make it. But I can tell you this, it was the best Memorial ever. We used the Jesus in Our Midst and Remembrance articles and we have you wonderful folks also to thank for caring about your brothers and sisters as you do. God be with you and us. Let’s keep growing.

March 27, 2013 - From Florida, USA

Hey brothers, I just want you to know how enlightened I feel after reading the articles you suggested. I’m starting to really take hold of the true calling.  And as I sat at the Memorial last night, I felt uneasy, nervous, maybe in hopes that they’d finally announce that all could partake... But, of course, as the night wore on, I noticed the earthly "hope" was read from the Old Testament, and the elder read from the Watchtower outline of why there are two hopes and not one (without going into the Bible). And as I watched the bread and wine get passed, I felt, not anger, nor resentment, but lifeless....  And I felt grief and remorse for our brotherhood at how easily we are ensnared to turn back to the Old things and the Law. It was then I realized the truth of it. The words I’ve read from God’s word and the way your articles tied in truth, within context of scripture and not going beyond what is written, began to resonate, to breathe within me. And as they passed the emblems, I prayed to our Father asked that he forgive me for not partaking and to give me peace, humility, and strength. I now feel, brothers, an upward pull. Not physical, but spiritual, a groaning within me, a hunger that’s been there all along. I thank you brothers for helping plant the seed of truth so God can make it grow. 

March 26, 2013 - From Massachusetts, USA

Hello dear friends. Sorry for my English, it isn't my first language, but I want to share my experience with you.  Today for the first time in my life, I partook of the emblems in the presence of a full conference room in a hotel. I must confess that at first I felt the fear of man, and I say fear of man because within myself something impelled me to participate. I prayed to my Heavenly Father for Holy Spirit and had the courage to do it before the eyes from some of astonishment and others displeasure, as was the case of the congregation coordinating elder. After partaking, all the fear disappeared and I felt filled with a feeling of indescribable peace. No fear, just joy and peace and more to see that my wife also partook. My 20 year old daughter did not partake, but my parents, who are living in Puerto Rico and are Jehovah’s Witnesses too, they asked us to have the Commemoration via telephone after I reach my home so they can partake.  Then my daughter and my brother-in-law partook. I am very happy and I know that many of those who did not partake in the Kingdom Halls tonight have done so at home and that's excellent. Soon they will be ready to make public declaration from our union with Christ. Blessings to all.

March 26, 2013 - From Colorado, USA

[This is from the men at a recovery mission who were hoping to attract 300 partakers from the men in the local missions and their families. As sundown approached, their facilities were overflowing, so they decided to see if they could use the facilities of some of the surrounding missions so that all could share in the evening.]

Hello family, we got it together by God's grace. We were able to get to other missions to help with the overflow of Christ lovers and it looks like it will be closer to 950 when its all said and done. We are on cloud 50!  Well I’ve got tons of stuff to do. We love you both so much.

March 26, 2013 - From California, USA

Greeting fellow partakers of all things heavenly, I’m sorry but I couldn’t wait for tonight to partake because of treatment. So me and 10 others I’ve helped to get on the road to the real life were going to read your articles, each one, and I thank the Father for you all, from the bottom of my getting-stronger heart. It’s because of someone being Christ-Like that I, and now others, are becoming part of Christ's body. And to the author of the articles, God is with you big time. Keep us in your prayers please. God bless.

[This sister was diagnosed with terminal cancer and on death watch prior to receiving the plain and open teachings of Jesus Christ.  Her spirits were immediately lifted, but still she did not believe she would live long enough to commemorate the 2013 Memorial Supper. Yet, here she is! And not just her, but she brought along 10 others!]


“Elaia Luchnia”


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