We invite all who participated in the commemoration of the 2015 Memorial Supper, held on April 3, 2015, to share their experiences of the night for the encouragement of all who recognize their sonship with God and accept the one living hope in the eternal heavenly career. 
    If possible, please include information what city/state/country you are located in, how many participated with you, and any other encouraging information or experience.  All such experiences will be published here, with the permission of the contributors. 

    Rejoice that you have passed over from death to life. You are no longer slaves and friends, you are sons. You are all members of the household of God and citizens in the heavenly kingdom. And you are the foundations stones for a new era of religious freedom that will bring an end to sorrow, suffering and injustice of all kinds! (Matthew 24:14) 



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April 10, 2015 - From Spain

[Translated from Spanish (to the best of our ability)]    

While alone, every night, I recall the words of Jesus Christ to eat and drink the emblems, and the words to not be ashamed of him or despise him continued to ring in my mind all the time because I believe it is the Lord's will at this time. So I attended the Memorial with Jehovah's Witnesses. At first I was so afraid and so I kept reading Romans chapter 8 and praying constantly to not have fear of man and allow me to take my place as a child of God and partake of the emblems. When the speaker said that the end will come when the last anointed dies, then I understood that the Lord wanted me to be there to show them the absurdity of this belief. I asked Christ to help me and when the usher passed the bread, I wanted to take it.  He opened his eyes wide and said "NOOOOO!"  I said I'm anointed so I am allowed to eat the bread. And when he passed the wine, there was no interference. Some were shocked. The older sister who sat next to me approached me at the end and would not let me go because she asked me many questions. She never for a instant doubted that I was anointed, though she expressed concern that now the end would come much later. She said that over the years she has seen many changes and said that I should come over because she would like to discuss her sonship with God. I hope to go to this Sunday's special talk to invite some brothers to come to this website and learn something. I suggest honestly DO NOT STOP GOING TO THE WITNESSES' MEMORIAL SO YOU CAN DEMONSTRATE THAT THERE ARE MORE ANOINTED EVERY DAY. GREETINGS AND I HOPE THERE ARE MORE THAN 144,000 AT THE 2015 MEMORIAL.

[Original Email]
Mientras estaba solo, cada noche, en mi, las palabras de Jesucristo, de comer y beber los emblemas, estaba presentes, las palabras de no avergonzarnos de el ni de despreciarlo, resonaban en mi mente a cada momento, pues creo que fué la voluntad del Señor que esta vez , asistiera al memorial, con los Testigos de Jehová, al principio tenia mucho miedo y ves tras ves leia y leia romanos 8.  y oraba constantemente, para no tener temor al hombre y ponerme en mi sitio como hijo de Dios y participar de los emblemas, mientras estaba hi,  cuando el orador, dijo, que el fin vendra cuando el último ungido muera, entonces, comprendi porque el Señor queria que estubiera ahi, para hacerles ver lo absurdo de esa creencia, le pedi ayuda a Cristo y cuando me pasaron el pan tome uno  y el acomodadro, abrio los ojos bien grandes y me dijo NOOOOO. yo le dije, .soy ungido, entoces, me permitio comer del pan, ya para cuando pasaron el vino, no hubo inconveniente, algunos se quedaron pasmados, la herman mayor que estaba  junto a mi, me abordo al final y no queria dejarme ir, porque me hizo muchas preguntas, ella ni por un istante dudo que fuera ungido, aunque me expreso su  preocupacion de que ahora el fin vendria mucho mas lejos, y me dijo que a lo largo de los años ha visto muchos cambios y yo le dije que deverian venir mas, y que me gustaria que ella reconsiderara su filiacion con Dios, espero ir este domingo al discurso especial para invitar algunos hermanos a que entren a esta pagina y se beneficien.. yo sugiero sinceraMENTE, QUE NO DEJEMOS DE IR AL MEMORIAL DE LOS TESTIGOS, YA QUE A SI LES DEMOSTRAMOS QUE CADA DIA SOMOS MAS. UN SALUDO Y ESPERO QUE  SUPEREMOS LOS 144 000 ESTE MEMORIAL 2015.

April 9, 2015 - From Boston, Massachusetts

[From a former Ministerial Servant] Because of your website, I accepted my sonship and partook of the emblems at the Kingdom Hall for the first time in 2013. I then began to very cautiously defend my faith to those asking, willing and wanting to hear, including my mother (Matthew 10:16; 1 Peter 3:15). Although my closest friends in the congregation no longer associate with me, I am overjoyed that after two years of reasoning from the scriptures in imitation of Paul (Acts 17:2) my mother overcame her fear of man, accepted her sonship and newfound relationship with Christ, and partook for the first time last week at her Kingdom Hall. While too early to tell, I am praying that more friends in her hall are ripe for the harvesting and she will have more success bearing fruit. Nevertheless I am so grateful to the Father to have personally had a hand in assisting my mother truly come into Christ.

April 8, 2015 - From Baltimore, Maryland

Hi brother, I've read most of your articles for about a year and I've been positively affected with a renewed sense of purpose and with a genuine drive for the real life. For many years I allowed myself to by lead down a path of deception with the two hope doctrines and many other strange teachings, but you know the old saying "this is Jehovah's organization,” so if they say the sky is green, its green. But when I started reading the logical explanations you provided on the AnointedJW site my heart and mind started me on a never-look-back path of discovery. I became more thorough in my studies where my thinking became more of a "just because you say it's so don't make it so." So I started taking charge of my spirituality and eventually that lead me to step down as Watchtower Conductor because it just made me physically sick to read and study about the Earthly false hope. So I immediately started partaking and then 3 months later, my wife and two sons accepted the heavenly gift of life. So I want to, along with my family, thank you for your stirring articles that have aided in strengthening our faith along with constant prayer. And last Friday it was a privilege to have at my home extended family and friends from work to celebrate the Remembrance at my home. So I pray that you friends holdfast to the faith because I know you must get your dose of haters calling you names of every sort. But hold on because families like mine need this awakening. God bless the faith sons of God.

April 7, 2015 - From Mexico

Hey, my dear family, I'm visiting some friends in Los Angeles, and I stopped by to catch up a bit but your grandma said you've been gone for awhile, but I know you're still doing well because we are all still receiving good spiritual food from not just one, but three sites. And before I relate the Remembrance news, let me congratulate you for being forward thinking in trying to get people, especially sons, to open their minds to any and all that's out there, and let me say we read the paper 196 almost every other week because it is a straight out faith strengthening piece of work regardless of who wrote it. 

Now the main event the "Lord's gathering." It was beautiful to have the houses on our street all in a row having the emblems shared at the same time. If you recall, most of my street and the surrounding neighborhood families are all on board with the plain teachings of Jesus, so you can imagine the spirit of truth being able to go from house to house seeing sincere sons of all ages from 91 to 4 all reading "
Why Sonship" and quoting from other memorial articles. Along with family and friends, there were neighbors who out of curiosity came by and many said "what prevents me" from joining in, and of course we all at the same time said "nothing at all." And naturally we had to lay the article on them because it fit perfectly for the moment. It had to be many hundreds involved in the Remembrance partaking and we share the feelings as others who have shared experiences of that night that things are changing in the quality of those confessing Union with Christ, the cream of the crop as it were, that's what we see happening in many communities. So may our Heavenly Father continue to bless us all as one extremely happy family of Faith sons of God. Love you both God bless!!

April 6, 2015 - From Spain

[Translated from Spanish] Dear Brothers, I have been an elder for many years, I have experienced many changes in the Christian congregation, I have seen much discouragement because we have not reached the end, and the old doctrines are becoming obsolete. After reading your website, I understand that the Christian Greek Scriptures only speak of the heavenly hope. So despite facing the "what will they say", I took the plunge. After I prayed to my Father Jehovah, I decided to partake of the emblems here in Spain. It caused a commotion because the speaker at the end of the speech said the new order won't come until the last anointed die. However, after partaking of the emblems, some asked me, "Then when will the end come?" because I am still young, I'm only 35 years old.

Despite confronting persecution within the congregation, now I have no fear because my older brother Christ is with me. That day I did not have appropriate clothing, but I experienced Matthew 6:33 in my life and my Father clothed me with the most beautiful dress, but most important for me is that that day my Father wrapped me with his holy spirit.

Please be of good courage my brothers in faith.

[Original Email] Queridos hermanos: he sido anciano durante muchos años, he experimentado muchos cambion en la congregacion cristiana,he visto mucho desanimo porque no ha llegado el fin, las viejas doctrinas estan quedando obsoletas..despues de haber leido su pagina, he entendido que en las escrituras griegas cristianas, solo se habla de la esperanza celestial, pese a enfrentarme al "que diran" me arme de valor, despues de orar a mi padre Jehovà y me decidi a participar de los emblemas, aqui en españa, fuè un caso que causo conmocion.porque el orador, al final del discurso dijo: el fin vendra, hasta que el último ungido muera. Sin embargo, despues que participe de los emblemas, algunos me preguntaron,¿entonces, cuando vendra el fin? Practicamente soy joben, solo tengo 35 años.  Pese a enfrentarme a persecusion dentro de la congregacion, ahora no tengo miedo, porque mi hermano mayor Cristo, esta conmigo. Ese dia no tenia ropa aprpiada, pero experimente Mateo 6:33 en mi vida y mi Padre me vistio con el traje mas bonito, pero lo que mas me importa es que ese dia mi Padre, me envolvio con su santo espiritu.

Por favor, cobren animo mis hermano

April 5, 2015 - From Vienna, Austria

[Translated from German] Shalom Dear brothers and sisters. I am very pleased and thank our Heavenly Father Yahweh, that more and more of his children, and my sisters and brothers, have the courage to say it out loud and show that Jehovah God is our Heavenly Father and we recognize His Son, Jesus Christ, as our Lord and King, and thus we were called by God Yahweh as His children. We ask our Heavenly Father for more of His Holy Spirit, and that He leads us and helps to find His other children our in the cruel world and rescue them.  I, together with our genuine Jewish sisters and brothers, have been praying for them during the Last Supper (Passover Seder). I hope that the gift of Holy Spirit works on some.  I love you all and hope for all abundant blessings of God, from Vienna-Austria.

[Original email] Shalom Liebe Brüder und Schwester. s freut mich sehr, und danke unseren Himmlischen Vater Jahwe, dass immer mehr seine Kinder, und meine Schwester und Brudern, den Mut haben, laut zu sagen und zeigen, dass Gott Jahwe unsere Himmlischer Vater ist, und wir Seinen Sohn, Jeszua HaMeschijach, als unseren Herr und König Anerkennen haben, und dadurch wir sind von Gott Jahwe als Seine Kinder bezeihnnen wurden. Wir bitten weiter unserer Himmlischen Vater um Seinen Heiligen Geist, das er uns führt und hilft, andere Seine Kinder aus den grausamer Welt zu finden und retet. Ich war dies mal mit unsere echte judiesche Schwester und Brudern zusammen, und habe ich um sie, werend den Abendmahl (Pessach-Seder) gebetet. Ich hoffe es, dass sie gespüren haben, wie den Heiligen Geist auf einige wirkt. Ich Liebe Euch alle und wünsche für alle, reichliches Gottes segen. aus Wien-Austria.

April 5, 2015 - From Las Vegas, Nevada

[From a former Circuit Overseer] Good Day Dear Friends, a beautiful display of spirit powers was seen Friday when 10 friends became Sons at a 3/4 filled [Kingdom Hall]. And then after the token talk given that sounded like the typical cookie cutter talk, we went out to dinner and had a really nice contemplative evening and were able to honor the Christ as he instructed "to remember him."  And so we did and will be getting together later today to discuss ways to improve our effectiveness in the ministry of making disciples. So from all here to those around the world we hope all had a wonderful Night and will have a Faith strengthening rest of 2015.

April 5, 2015 - From Brooklyn, New York

[From a former District Overseer] "The scene is changing." Dear brothers, the state of those in Union with Christ is as strong as I've ever known it to be. If people are not partaking, they are at least discussing in a tone that is peaceable and that's encouraging, especially here in New York at ground zero of anti-lovers of Christ headquarters. I've spoken with dozens of volunteers working on the [Warwick] site and Bethel brothers and sisters who have been stationed at Bethel for years, and there is an attitude that is different, much more open at least with someone they know and that's a step in the right direction. Now if they could maintain this freedom of expression when on camera or 24/7, the change could be overnight when it comes to Sonship. At a Kingdom Hall not too far away from Bethel, 6 new partakers along with myself and my wife had lunch yesterday to discuss how they received the witness of the spirit. All had different but similar experiences in that it was the erasing of the two thousand years of elapsed time and traveling back to be in the audience of followers, then believers, then disciples, learning how to be full time ambassadors for Christ. And to a person, their heart moved them to confess the relationship with the Father. What was also interesting was that they all felt a sense of disappointment last Memorial when they didn't partake due to fear. So they and many others are awakening to the Gift. So we and they have work to do and we have 362 days left to increase the Father’s belongings. So please brothers and sisters talk, write, preach, teach and incessantly pray for more workers to assist in the cultivation of the soil, for the Harvest is great and the workers though growing are still a few!! Agape' love to all.

April 4, 2015 - From Long Beach, California 

[From an active Circuit Overseer] Hello brother and sister, I'm forever thankful for one shepherding call I made on a brother that stayed with me and made me rethink who I am in relation to the Universal Father. I kinda knew and I always kinda felt that I had more of a tie to Jehovah than friend and I made that evident last night and could not be more satisfied in my spirit. Interestingly it wasn't so much scriptural proof but internal proof which I realize now more clearly is the witness of the spirit. I, out of respect for the [Governing Body] wrote them a letter indicating that I would be partaking not for any self promotion but to confess Union with Christ as a brother of his by virtue of my faith in him. Now as I grow, my prayer is that any with such conflicting ebbs and flows of emotions not based on your feelings but the reaction you may receive because of your understanding who you are (Gal 3:26), I encourage all to do the right and just thing and cower to no man, woman or offspring, and let no one deny you of your inheritance. May you brothers to whom I've come to appreciate and respect continue to be discreetly bold and zealously faithful as the Acceptable Year rolls on!!

April 4, 2015 - From Colorado USA Recovery Missions

Hello Family. Can you say SUCCESS!! 5 missions and I don't know how many bottles of grape juice and crackers, and 5,100 men partook with songs, laughter and many tears as we read several articles that took us into the midnight hour because the spirit held us cheerfully captive. And this morning we continued talking and contemplating the heavens and everyone spontaneously vowing to be better men here and when they go into the community, also some high profiled individuals formerly in “gangs” we will say – one that you know personally.  So the Father blessed the Least of his children yesterday and the phone calls from the guys’ loved ones are keeping us on the phones today. They all want to say how much their son has changed and has vowed to make right the wrongs committed against anyone hurt by their foolishness. So we will reach back out to you soon because other good things are happening we want you all to know about. So until then, Praise the Lord and let’s get to work!!

April 4, 2015 - From Atlanta, Georgia

Greetings to everyone this beautiful post-Remembrance Day. It’s a blessing it is to be able to proudly be a part of the body of Christ with new ones joining in from inside and outside of the Organization [of Jehovah’s Witnesses]. We had at our home 68. All snuggled in, but all with joy of heart in recalling the many things Jesus did and said, and many want to do it again soon but in smaller groups just to continue to speak the love they have for the privilege of the gift of life offered by Jesus to all. So I pray each son continue to never lose sight of why we do as Jesus commanded we do, because it's worth the time and effort, because we're the ones who gain so much from this time of communing. So may the Father in Heaven bless his earthly faith sons. We love you all. 

April 4, 2015 - From Boston, Massachusetts

Dear Family,  Last night I attended one of the most fulfilling and spirit inspiring celebrations commemorating our Lord’s life and sayings I have ever experienced. It’s long, but important, so bear with me.

The occasion was led by the Pastor of the Refuge Temple of Jesus Christ Apostolic, in Roxbury MA. We have had the opportunity to talk at length about the meaning of Christ life and example. This brother is forward thinking and genuinely interested in following the Master’s example. I had the opportunity to share with him the Christ Experiment where an attempt could be made for Christians all over the world to drop their divisive boundaries of separateness and engage in a unified act of love and appreciation for Christ as one united body by participating in the Remembrance Supper.

This idea resonated with his own feelings about the matter. He took the bold and courageous step of arranging to have a remembrance supper at his small house church here in Roxbury. The Pastor did something only a courageous few would attempt. He went off script. He notified the congregation that this evening they would be doing something they had not done before and if any were uncomfortable with the idea they should feel no pressure to engage. The way he spoke left us with a feeling of anxious expectation as to where this was leading. I cannot speak for everyone else but a feeling of excitement began to fill the room. He gave a talk about the importance of remembering Christ not as simply a babe in the manger or the picture of a dying man hanging on the cross. He beautifully drew attention that it was how he lived his that Jesus wanted us to remember and that tonight we are going to honor and commemorate the life he lived. All of the songs chosen for the evening centered on Christ and salvation.

I would like to touch on some of the highlights of the evening that made it such a special event.

After giving his first talk he invited everyone in the audience to stand if they wished and tell us what was it about Jesus that we appreciated most. Each person in turn stood and related their own passionate and moving experiences of what Christ Jesus meant to them.

One comment came from a sister who with deep feeling drew attention to the massacre of 147 Christians in Kenya and how inspired she was of seeing them die for their faith. She said she hoped she could be as faithful to our Lord if her life was put on the line. Her expressions revealed that she viewed her loyalty to the Christ as something more than the attending religious services but it was part of the very fabric of her life.

Another sister drew attention to her appreciation of what Christ brought about by having a body of believers she could associate with. She drew attention to how we should view one another and love one another as the Christ loved us. She drew upon the family like view the apostle Paul spoke about when he described the congregation as the body made up of many members. It is these kinds of comments that are so encouraging because they go beyond the limited/restricted viewpoint many people hold of Jesus as a baby or a dying man.

The one expression that pulled at my heart strings above all the others came from the Pastors youngest son. He is still a teenager. Without any urging he stood up and told us what Christ meant to him. He was the only one who so clearly vocalized what we are meant to do with the grace given by Christ. He said he felt that he was to take the grace he received and use it to help bring others to the Christ. His own words were that he was to act as an ambassador for Christ to help his school aged friends to benefit from the excelling value of what Christ had to offer. He did not simply stop at contemplating what Christ had done for him, but he saw it incumbent to bear fruitage. In his own way he saw clearly Christ command; to go therefore and make disciples of people of all the nations…” I was mightily moved by his faith expressions.

Following the faith testimonials and while the preparations were being made to bring out the memorial emblems the Pastor introduced the Remembrance supper by reading 1 Cor. 11:23-26 after which he spoke about the importance that we keep doing this in remembrance of the Master. He then invited everyone who wanted to partake to come to the front rows. I would guess that 95% of the congregation assembled to partake of the bread and wine.

After the completion of the Remembrance supper another song was sung. Before the Pastor gave the closing prayer he asked that everyone get up from their chairs give each other a hug and kiss if it they felt comfortable doing so. Everyone responded. It was truly exhilarating! Even the young children participated.

For me this held special significance as I was disfellowshipped because of my acceptance that all persons exercising faith in Christ should become partakers of his body with the heavenly hope. Having lost one family for following the Christ, the Master fulfilled his promise where he said: “Truly I say to you, there is no one who has left house or wife or brothers or parents or children for the sake of the Kingdom of God who will not get many times more in this period of time, and in the coming system of things, everlasting life.” The occasion ended with the Pastor offering a beautiful prayer of thanksgiving.

I cannot help but feel that a giant shout of praise ascended to the heavens on this memorial occasion. In all of my 45 years as a former elder with Jehovah’s Witness I have never attended a memorial supper that was as genuine, humble and Christ honoring as this. I commended this Pastor for his courageous boldness in honoring the Christ. He did not know in advance how the congregation might respond. Their whole hearted participation was evident they were in complete agreement.

April 4, 2015 - From Larson, California

Last night it was so sad to see that no one accepted Jesus' invitation. I was the only one that partook as always. I was expecting someone else. But no one did. Maybe next year!

April 4, 2015 

Dear Brothers, So much to share! Partaking of the emblem among the audience of the congregations, I’m still speechless with joy. What an experience!  Could not sleep, there was such excitement!  Meditation continues, Proverbs 4:18, 2Tim.3:16. Thank You!

April 3, 2015 - From Culver City, California

Well we did it and with tears of joy me and my wife partook at the Memorial tonight at the [Kingdom] Hall and it was just like what you wrote about where you are the spectacle, the freak, because you just happen to believe in what the Christ offered mankind. But what was interesting is that many of the friends started to engage us on really deep sincere levels like never before and I could tell that a few of the elders were nervous about the glow in the eyes of those listening to our resounding joy in partaking. So we told them " shhh why don't we discuss this over lunch tomorrow at our home because we don't want to cause a scene."  And they agreed so that should be exciting. We've been readers of AnointedJW since early 2013 and when other [websites] were added, we prayerfully read the information and at first we were taken aback with the Christ Experiment, but after reading part 4, OMG, me and my wife just starred at each other each helping the other pick up their jaw off the floor. I mean it is so detailed and beautiful how Jesus really lived and taught. Oh dear friends it's an eye and heart opener. So with gratitude and deep appreciation we thank The Father and His Christ for you and all those partaking and becoming Son of God by their faith in Jesus. 

April 3, 2015 - Arlington, Texas

Hello Family, it's been a thrilling evening of communing with Christ and just openly speaking of our hope of eternal life in the heavens. To a person, each one making a personal confirmation of their unwavering dedication to continue faithfully in following the Christ no matter how difficult. This is being repeated in 9 other homes with some over flowing so if I were to estimate how many participated, I'd say at least 170-185, but I'll find out exactly and let you know if that number is off by being to low. Thank you friends for your continued support with the articles you write and the emails we read. We love you and look forward to being as one in the kingdom of the heavens together.

April 3, 2015 - From Mount Shasta, California

Well we had a small group of 2 tonight but it was a intimate evening which we all shared our heart felt feelings and had a lot of tears flowing. Your "Intimate evening with Jesus" was such a fine tool in bringing us to that place and the eight question were so heart moving. Look forward in reading the reports that will be coming in. Love you all.

April 3, 2015 - From Reno, Nevada

Good evening fellow heirs of the Kingdom, it's been a day of blessings where I was witness to 11 new sons openly confessing Union with Christ at the [Kingdom Hall] which is outstanding. So many are giving of themselves like never before to proclaim the Acceptable Year and enter into the Harvest and this fills my heart with joy knowing that his words are being fulfilled and people from all nations are streaming in to become part of a huge body of Christ. We are all meeting tomorrow at Denny's to discuss how to sweep through with more percision to effectively convince the enslaved and captives left in the organization to open their hearts to the Good News Jesus brought to this planet. So we will keep in touch with you as often as possible because we are family and we love and need one another so much to encourage and incite each other so that none of us tire out!!
April 3, 2015 - From Tasmania, Australia

Last night we attended our Remembrance Supper and thoroughly enjoyed every moment.  We were so tired when we got home that  we just went straight to sleep and it was the best nights sleep we have had in a long time. The Remembrance Supper for our Master Christ Jesus was a beautiful event here in Australia last night. There was 7 of us from young to old and in between.  We enjoyed a lovely meal together, each bringing a dish of food to share. After the meal we read from Paper 179 The Last Supper.  Each took a turn in reading a section and upon finishing we all contributed comments freely about the beautiful arrangement and events of that night many years ago. Upon completing, this one gave a prayer and we each drank the wine in commemoration and the same for the bread.  It was a time of contemplation and a bonding effect on us all in the oneness of the spirit of truth. As we each looked around, there were tears in our eyes as this was a first for some in coming together in such a family, friendly and brotherly homely environment for honoring the Master.  As we looked around ourselves last night it astounded us that we had come from all different belief systems yet here we were totally united as one in Christ, truly a foretaste for the future as we bring heaven down to the earth and be a united brotherhood.


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