The only event in Jesus’ entire earthly career that he commanded we commemorate is the Memorial of his death.  Jehovah’s Witnesses commemorate this event annually on Nisan 14 according to one of the Jewish calendars. However, Christians are not limited to annual commemorations.  We can do so ‘as often as’ we like. (1 Corinthians 11:26)

     The articles here offer encouragement and practical suggestions on why, how and when to commemorate the event.  It is our hope that all mankind, not just Jehovah’s Witnesses, all join in setting aside at least one day a year to honor our Lord of Lord and King of Kings by doing the one thing he requested of us.

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Our Most Holy Night
Memorial Article for 2012
March 27, 2012

Thinking Ahead - Memorial 2013
Thoughts in preparation for the upcoming Lord's Evening Meal
December 31, 2012 

Eating and Drinking Worthily
Discussion of who can partake of the Memorial emblems
January 11, 2013

Keep Doing This In Remembrance of Me
Discussion of preparing for an conducting the Memorial Supper
February 6, 2013

The Great Crowd of Partakers
Clarification of who really are ‘the kings and priests’ of Revelation 
March 1, 2013

Jesus in Our Midst
Memorial Article for 2013
March 11, 2013

Fearless Sons of the Kingdom 
Post Memorial encouragement for all
April 5, 2013


A Memorial of Offense
Doing away with disrespecting Jesus on his night
February 6, 2014

A Tale of Two Suppers
A distinction between the Watchtower Memorials and

Memorials Suppers by the Sons of God March 5, 2014

An Intimate Evening With Jesus
Memorial Article for 2014
March 20, 2014

Open Letter to the Sons of the Kingdom 2014
Letter of encouragement in anticipate of the Memorial Supper
April 5, 2014

Who Should Partake of the Memorial Emblems?
A discussion of who should and who should not partake
February 12, 2015

Choosing to Be Hot, Not Lukewarm
Taking an unequivocal stand at the Memorial Suppers
March 8, 2015

Reflections on the Memorial Supper
Considerations for 2015 Memorial
March 31, 2015

The 2015 Faith Sons of God
Encouragement for the Faith Sons of 2015

April 10, 2015


Obeying God as Ruler

March 7, 2016


Remembering What?

March 15, 2016

Standing Courageously in Union with Christ

January 1, 2017

Seizing the Kingdom as Sons

February 6, 2017

The Last Commemoration of the Lord's Evening Meal

March 26, 2017




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Questions and Responses Regarding the Memorial Supper


10/19/12   Do you encourage people to partake in the Memorial even before God's calling?


01/09/13   On what specific date did Jesus institute the Memorial supper?


01/13/13   Follow up to Question and Response, January 9, 2013


03/19/13   Can I commemorate the Memorial alone?


01/09/14   What do you think about the number of Memorial partakers in 2013?


02/07/14   When celebrating the Memorial at home, what kind of bread and wine should we use  and can our children participate?  


02/07/14b  Is it premature to suggest that people not attend the 2014 Memorial hosted by Jehovah’s Witnesses?


02/08/14   What sort of persons should we invite to our private Memorial Suppers?


02/09/14   Brother is determined to celebrate the Memorial Supper with Jehovah's Witnesses.


02/11/14   Can I celebrate the Memorial alone? (How to invite others)


02/12/14   Why don’t we just count ourselves since the Governing Body will not?


02/12/14b Can I partake at the Memorial if my life is not ‘in order’?


02/20/14   What kind of meal should we serve at the Memorial?


02/22/14   Do I need to confess my sins to the Elders before I can partake at the Memorial?


02/24/14   Since the scriptures indicate that we can celebrate the Memorial Supper whenever we get together, is there a need for an annual celebration?


03/05/14    Are there any brothers in the Philippines who are having a private Memorial Supper?


03/06/14    What songs will they be singing at the private Memorial Suppers?


03/07/14    A brother’s method of publicizing the private Memorial Suppers


04/06/14    What do I do if the elders try to disfellowship me for partaking?


02/18/15    Did Judas partake of the Memorial Emblems?


02/22/15    Visitor believes Judas did partake of the first Memorial Supper


03/03/15    In the article Who Should Partake of the Memorial Emblems, whydo we say “you must” partake?  


03/20/15    Visitor comments on the glaring omission in the Watchtower’s 2015 Memorial Invitation


03/10/15    Why do Jehovah’s Witnesses choose March 23rd for the 2016 Memorial when Nisan 14 falls on April 22, 2016?

03/19/17     A Bible Student is at a crossroads about the Heavenly hope


03/04/17     What is a minimum age in order to partake at the Memorial?