JULY 2012

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    This month we started a new section of articles directed primarily to Jehovah’s Witnesses called Transitioning to the Kingdom.”  I was while we were writing these articles that we began to question whether we, as Christians, are to be witnesses of Jehovah or witnesses of Jesus.  Until we made a scriptural determination and was settled in our hearts, we shortened the name of our site from “Anointed Witnesses of Jehovah” to “Anointed Witnesses.” It was also during this month that we began corresponding with a brother who eventually became a partner with us in this ministry.


      As for the recovery missions, we began receiving emails telling us that many of them spontaneously decided to get baptized, in churches, local pools, even the beach. We wrote an article sharing those experiences. It was also about this time that our brother began to experience unusual health problems.



7/6/12     Comfort for Those Spiritually Grieving

7/14/12   Proving Ourselves Worthy of the Christ

7/19/12   Foreordained From the Founding of the World

7/22/12   Transitioning to the Kingdom of the Heavens Introduction

7/22/12   Everlasting Life Now!

7/26/12   The Powerful Message of Sonship

7/26/12   What Prevents Me? - Testimonies of Baptism

7/29/12   Letter from An Elder

7/30/12   Turning of the Titanic


Questions from July 2012

7/7/12     Comment from a proponent of the “current understanding” of two hopes

7/8/12     How can you be confident in the Governing Body when you see a need for change?

7/9/12     Rev 14:4 says the anointed is virgin men.  How can woman also have the hope?

7/10/12   If we all have the heavenly hope, to whom does the 144,000 pertain?

7/16/12   Do I need to be reinstated into the WTBTS to have God’s favor?

7/22/12   How did people preach before Russell?  Does a Christian have to preach?

7/22/12   Matthew 24:30-31: What does heaven’s extremities mean? Aren’t the  elect on earth when this happens?

7/28/12   Is water baptism symbolic or is it the actual joining to Christ?

7/29/12   Is there a scriptural text that says baptism is symbolic?

7/29/12   Matthew 7:21-23: Why do some sons of God not come in the kingdom of heaven.

7/29/12   Comment from a visitor who believes the Christian Greek Scriptures are primarily directed to only 144,000 people.


Open Letters to the Governing Body

               July 2, 2012 letter to Writing Department and Governing Body

               July 9, 2012 letter to Writing Department and Governing Body

               July 16, 2012 letter to Writing Department and Governing Body

               July 22, 2012 letter to Writing Department and Governing Body

               July 30, 2012 letter to Writing Department and Governing Body

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