MARCH 2012

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            During this month, we received more questions about Watchtower teachings, some from  a reader in Scandinavia. Many of them had to do with prophecy. It is our intent to avoid prophecy and instead focus on the actual teachings of Jesus. We answered the questions without suggesting prophetic fulfillment and then published articles designed to expand our readers’ spiritual capacity for truth and direct their attention to the Kingdom of the Heavens. At the end of the month, we published our first article on the Memorial to prepare the heart and mind for the upcoming commemoration on April 5, 2012.


            Meanwhile, the men at the recovery missions were responding quite favorably to the message of sonship.  One of the pastors at one of the missions introduced the articles to his church and they were well received there as well. The congregation decided to tell any Jehovah’s Witnesses who came to their door about the site in an effort to promote Christian unity.


            About this time, our brother was asked to visit a mission in Nevada to help out.  There, he met a young man who was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, and was having trouble adjusting to life at the mission. Our brother went to his aid and they developed a friendship. This young man began reading the articles on the site and told his mother about them. She, in turn, told her presiding Elder who was one of the “anointed” who also read the articles. He was impressed and asked if he could use the Memorial article and weave it into the Memorial talk he would be giving at the Kingdom Hall.  Of course, we agreed!  We later learned that this Elder shared the site with his Body of Elders and his Circuit Overseer, none of whom found fault with the site, and all of whom became regular visitors.


            Also beginning in month, we created simple postcards and mailed them out to hundreds of Kingdom Halls in the United States to introduce the site to Jehovah’s Witnesses.



3/11/12   Expanding Your Spirit

3/18/12   Standing for the Kingdom

3/20/12   The Kingdom of the Heavens

3/27/12   Our Most Holy and Sacred Night

March 2012 Postcard

Questions from March 2012

3/4/12     How can a Christian avoid mark of the beast?
3/5/12     Can you explain Mark 8:38? (When the Son of Man arrives)
3/8/12     Parable of the Sheep and Goat (Matthew 25:31-46)
3/9/12     What about Revelation 7 and 21, does it tell of an earthly hope?
3/11/12   Concerns about the teachings on this website.
3/13/12   Does the Governing Body approve of this website?
3/14/12   Follow Up reply to 3/13/12 (Should we ask questions?)
3/17/12   But the “Slave” says there are two hopes.
3/22/12   What is the oil of the lamp Matthew 25:4, and what are the talents 25:15
3/22/12   (1) When are the anointed retrieved to the sky?
              (2) Are some anointed live on earth for a thousand years?
              (3) Should they stay in the camp of Revelation 20:9?
3/23/12   An unusual spiritual experience
3/25/12   Are we wrong? Is there two hopes? Is the Bible written only to the 144,000
3/29/12   What do you think of Luke 21:8, it is incorrect to say that the end is near?

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