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      Since we were receiving many emails about the spirit and the anointing, we published as series of articles on the Divine Relationships to help our readers understand the various spirit influences that converge to assist mankind.


     While we were having a good bit of success in helping our brothers understand that they should all be reaching out for the heavenly hope, there were many who wrote us to tell us that we were wrong about the so-called “earthly hope.”  So we took this opportunity to lay out just what the so-called “earthly hope” as taught by the Watchtower organization really looks like. It was a shocking wake up call to many!


      Again, we published open letters we sent to the Governing Body letting them know what we are doing, and encouraging their response. 


     We concluded the month with a series of articles that highlights many scriptures that speak about the heavens and contemplates what we might expect in the heavenly career. This series received tremendous support and continues to stir the imagination in seek of the incomprehensible gift awaiting those who love God! Later in our ministry, we used this series of article to conduct Bible classes in our IRL ministry to introduce non-Witnesses to the heavenly hope.



5/01/12   Divine Relationships Introduction

God's Relation to the Individual (5/01/12)

Christ’s Relation to the Individual (5/05/12)

The Divine Spirit Fragment of the Father (5/06/12)

The Bestowal of the Spirit of Truth (5/09/12)

The Ministry of the Holy Spirit (5/10/12)


5/13/12   The Cherished Earthly Hope Introduction

The Assumed Earthly Hope

The Reality of the Earthly Hope

The Real Hope for Life on Earth


5/26/12   The Glorious Heavenly Hope Introduction

What the Hebrew Knew About Heaven

The Christian Revelations of Heaven

Heavenly Contemplations, Anticipations and Hopes


Questions from May 2012

5/01/12   In Matthew 24:49, what does it mean to “beat his fellow the slaves?”

5/02/12   When I transform, will I be instantly transported to the presence of the Father?

5/04/12   Did the heavenly resurrection begin in 1918?

5/13/12   Why does the Watchtower depict the anointed as only old people?

5/19/12   How many people in history have already partaken of the emblems?

Open Letters to the Governing Body:

May 4, 2012

May 11, 2012

May 18, 2012

May 19, 2012

May 27, 2012


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