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    This month, we continued to publish our enhanced version of the Society’s new brochure “The Good News of The Kingdom.”  We also received a very personal email from a visitor asking how to deal with doubt about whether one is a son.  In response, we published the articleAm I A Son? – Conquering Doubt.” 

    It was also about this time that the Society published its “new light” that only the Governing Body are the “Faithful and Discreet Slave”, not the entire body of anointed Christians.  We responded to that new light in three additional articles and in letters directed to the Governing Body linked below.  These articles and letters sparked a great deal of response, with so many writing that their eyes have been opened and a large number of partakers sending their love and appreciation for what we are doing.  Many started revealing to us their personal names and experiences and mentioned that they are more solid in their relationship with the Father and Jesus.

    In our ‘in real life’ ministry, in additional to teaching at the recovery missions, our brother was contacted by law enforcement to assist in facilitating gang truces in a few major U.S. cities using a few of our articles. He was also giving regular talks by Skype around the world, even as far as Syria, Uganda, Ghana, Sudan, and the Ukraine, including one talk that was broadcast to 70 different churches in 30 different cities in the United States.  We were advised that as a result of that talk, over 4,000 letters were sent from these churches to the Watchtower headquarters, some by Federal Express, directing them to our website and offering their Christian unity and brotherly love. (Of course, the Watchtower leadership rejected this outreach of love.)  As a result of our ministry, these churches are abandoning their attitude of religious superiority and taking up the mantle of sonship and ambassadorship for Christ.  We hear that their attendance has doubled, even tripled in some cases. 

    It was also this month that our brother was diagnosed with second stage (at that time) lung cancer, but he continued his ‘in real life’ ministry with the support of the men in the recovery missions and local law enforcement, as well as  many well wishers from the U.S., Pakistan, Ukraine, Germany, Israel, Greece, China, and some of the villages in Sudan.  We were also advised that our ministry is spreading by word of mouth traveling by boat, plane and train, and is reaching Austria and Iceland, and as far north as the North Pole!  We have been further advised that anywhere from 100 - 500 men and women are getting baptized into Christ’s death each week as a result of reading the articles on our site, mostly non-Witnesses.  We were especially encouraged by the faith of so many young people in Sudan who were undergoing severe persecution, but who continued to “stand up” for Christ. 


10/5/12            "Am I a Son?" - Conquering Doubt

10/6/12            Part 5 - What is God's Purpose for the Earth

10/11/12          Love Hopes All Things (regarding potential "new light")

10/12/12          Part 6 - What Hope is There for the Dead?   

10/18/12          The Governing Body Myth   

10/21/12          Part 7 - What is God's Kingdom?

10/25/12          Feeding the Many


Questions from October 2012

10/1/12            Visitor challenges explanation of ransom in Part 4 - Who is Jesus Christ?

10/7/12            What is our opinion on the blood transfusion ban?

10/7/12            Inquiry about the “new light” on who is the Faithful and Discreet Slave

10/8/12            Further inquiry about the ‘new light’ about the Faithful and Discreet Slave

10/19/12          Do you encourage people to partake in the Memorial even before God's calling?

10/26/12          Visitor believes we are apostates and disapproved by the Governing Body

10/31/12          Visitors inquire about our knowledge of and relation to Raymond Franz


Open Letters to the Governing Body

October 1, 2012 letter to Writing Department and Governing Body
October 8, 2012 letter to Writing Department and Governing Body
October 15, 2012 letter to Writing Department and Governing Body
October 22, 2012 letter to Writing Department and Governing Body
October 29, 2012 letter to Writing Department and Governing Body

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