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     This month, we received the Society’s new brochure “The Good News of The Kingdom.”  We were very disappointed in its contents, and so we decided to write a more expanded edition of the brochure which we named The Good News From God to the Sons of the Kingdom.” We took each brief topic in the Society’s brochure and wrote a separate article on each topic. It was our goal to publish 2-3 parts each month until complete. The response was overwhelmingly positive.  Due to the volume of emails we were receiving, we decided to set up an Email Alert list to notify visitors when new information is posted to the site.


     In our ministry to the recovery missions, we visited a women’s mission and learned that the women were having the same types of experiences as were the men in response to the plain and open teachings of Jesus.


     It was also this month that we decided to remove a few articles we published in April 2012 as “Dramatic Presentations” about the twelve disciples of Christ and the disciples of John the Baptist, taken from The Urantia Book.  We thought it would be interesting to consider the information, but a few readers were offended so this month we removed those articles from the site.  We wanted our readers to be confident that everything we publish on the site as teaching articles (not dramatic presentations) are based solidly on the Bible.



9/8/12     The Good News From God to the Sons of the Kingdom Introduction

9/8/12     Part 1 - What is the Good News?

9/11/12   Part 2 - Who is God?

9/21/12   Part 3 - Is The Good News Really From God?

9/28/12   Who is Jesus Christ?


Questions from September 2012

9/1/12     Visitor believes the article The Reality of the Earthy Hope contradicts with the Bible.

9/1/12     Does anointing need to be validated by baptism or reinstatement if a person has been disfellowshipped?

9/2/12     Author’s follow up comment to our response to the below inquiry.

9/14/12   Is it wise to encourage the use of ‘Father’ instead of ‘Jehovah’ in our prayers?

9/17/12   Visitor does not agreed that the Divine Spirit Fragment and the Spirit of Truth are the two witnesses that bear witness that we are sons of God pursuant to Romans 8:16.

9/28/12   Visitor asks several questions about 144,000 and the resurrection


Open Letters to the Governing Body

               September 3, 2012 letter to Writing Department and Governing Body

               September 13, 2012 letter to Writing Department and Governing Body

               September 23, 2012 letter to Writing Department and Governing Body

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