September 4, 2016


    What a ride we have been on for the past 4-1/2 years! What started as a quiet outreach ministry that was read by a handful of people in California, has grown into a worldwide movement of many, many, many millions of faith sons in over 218 countries! These are not just readers who gained some knowledge, these are men and women whose lives were changed in a significantly positive way by the “plain and open teachings of Jesus.” It is quite astounding and humbling. We continue to marvel at the growth of this ministry, and at our own personal growth.


    This week, we looked back at the first articles we published and smiled at their child-like  simplicity. We recalled each new “a-ha” moment that opened our minds further and sparked a new article that gave familiar topics a fresh understanding. Sometimes, while studying the Bible to get a real clear understanding of Jesus’ authentic teachings, we found scriptures that we never knew were there. Or we saw scriptures that we had recited many times over the years, but that now have new meaning. We often wondered back then “How could we have missed that!” We know many of our readers have had a similar experience.


    We smiled as we read over many of the emails we received from those who once challenged us, but who are now regular readers in full harmony with us. We re-read the first emails we received from many who once questioned their sonship but who are now strong advocates for sonship and the heavenly hope, and are consecrated to expanding the borders of the faith sons of God. If you are among them, we encourage you to think back to your early beginnings and see your own phenomenal growth!


    When we began, we had a two-fold purpose: (1) to help Jehovah’s Witnesses realize that they are all sons of God with the heavenly hope; and (2) to uplift the spiritual conversation worldwide.  To date, we have accomplished much of what we set out to do. While we have not yet moved the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses to correct their most egregious error of ‘shutting the doors to the kingdom of the heavens’ (Matthew 23:13),  we have reached the hearts of millions of Jehovah’s Witnesses who have accepted their sonship and heavenly destiny, and have journeyed on under the tutelage of the ever present Spirit of Truth into full comprehension of “what is the breadth and length and height and depth, and to know the love of the Christ, which surpasses knowledge.” (Ephesians 3:18) And we have also had a significant impact on non-Witnesses across the globe who are likewise sharing this information with their fellow believers.


     Early in the ministry, we were publishing 2-3 articles per week as the floodgates of the spirit opened up and moved us beyond what we thought we could do. We recall the Heavenly Contemplations series, the re-writing of the Society’s brochure The Good News From God, the Bringing Heaven Down series, and the uncanny realism of the Possibilities Dramas. We are also very proud of the articles on the Memorial Supper showing unequivocally why all those who seek life must obey Jesus’ command that we remember him by eating and drinking of him. (John 6:53-56; Luke 2:19-20) And we are now confident that the faith sons are “fully competent and completely equipped” (2 Timothy 3:17) to carry on this ministry to Jehovah’s Witnesses until every last one of them who seeks to “obey God as ruler rather than men” (Acts 5:29) can find their way to “the real life” (1 Timothy 6:19), as victors, not victims.

     At the same time, we are seeing quite a bit of new and first time visitors to the site, those who are just discovering this ministry. They are randomly looking at articles that interest them, but missing the progressive enlightenment that has built such strong faith in so many. For those new ones, and for those who, like us, want to reminisce, we will be retracing the steps of our journey by highlighting the articles we published in the order they were published.


     We have started a new section entitled Our Journey to Enlightenment.  Every so often, we will add to a brief synopsis of what occurred each month, along with links to the articles and information published during the month, to lead new readers along the path of this incredible journey. If you are introducing new ones to the website, this might be a good place to get them started, and then allow the Spirit of Truth to bear witness with them as to whether the information is beneficial, helpful and true.


      Finally, we want to thank our family of faith sons around the world who continue this journey with us on our sister sites as we enter new fields of activity and find new ways to honor Christ and uplift the spiritual conversation worldwide. We are so honored to have your association.


     May the Father continue to bless the entire association of faith sons around the world! And, as always, we welcome your comments.


Your Brothers