10/23/13     Visitor offers a correction to Question and Response 10/3/13.

How did we know the details of the experience in Nairobi in Gaining Perspective? 




 On October 23, 2013, we received the following correction from a visitor: 

    “You said in your recent answer on the couple killed: "This couple made a courageous stand in a dangerous war torn country where Christians are persecuted and greatly outnumbered, and in the direct face of religious terrorists." 
    “This information is factually wrong. The country in which the incident took place (Kenya) is not "war torn", nor are Christians "persecuted and greatly outnumbered..." This was a terrorist act in a country where all faiths are free to worship in any manner that they please.
    “Please do check your facts carefully before publishing them. Many of us who read this website lay a lot of premium on your credibility and erroneous assertions as those above may erode that trust.
    “May our God bless you.”

    To the author, thank you for your email.  You are correct.  We have deleted those phrases from the subject Question and Response, 10/3/13.  

    We want to emphasize that the error was on our part in our commentary on the importance of the couple’s stand. It is not a reflection of the credibility of the source who provided the information to us.  

    We hope that by making this swift correction, we will continue to earn your trust. 


"Elaia Luchnia"  



On October 3, 2013, we received the following inquiry:    


     “Hey brothers quick question...I hope I do not offend but I read the article about the brother and sister out in Nairobi [Gaining Perspective], and I was just wondering--how did you guys know what they said? Forgive me as I was very moved by the article, however I adhere in the counsel in 1 John about testing the inspired expression and making sure of all things (can’t remember the scripture). If any offense is taken please forgive me.”    


To the author, thank you for your email.  No offense taken. We understand why you would want to know how we came to know about this experience, and we suspect others may have the same question. After all, this is a ministry conducted by just two individuals who are located in California. So it is natural to wonder how we could know something that happened thousands of miles away in Africa in such detail.   


    But we want you to know that though there are only two of us who write and publish the articles on this site, this ministry is having a positive effect worldwide.  As you may know, we do not seek a following.  So, many people who hear the plain and open teachings of Jesus as promoted on this site voluntarily and independently take up the ministry and spread the message in their communities. And when they are so inclined, they report to us their experiences, knowing that we will respect their privacy and confidentiality in all matters.  As such, we get information from people all over the world telling us about the development of the plain and open teachings in their communities.  This includes the Jehovah’s Witness community, other Christian communities, and non-Christian communities, including the Israeli, Buddhist and Islamic communities.    Some of this information is sensitive and not suitable for publication, but some of it we can publish, such as the experience of the couple in Nairobi.        


    We also want you to know that what we reported in the article Gaining Perspective was not an ‘inspired expression’ as referred to in scripture:


“Beloved ones, do not believe every inspired expression, but test the inspired expressions to see whether they originate with God, because many false prophets have gone forth into the world.”

– 1 John 4:1


    What we published is a direct report we received from someone who was at the scene, but who was not harmed.  There were others present, as we report in the article, including Christians, Muslims and those of other faiths, who witnessed the account and survived to tell the tale.  And the account is quietly spoken about in the surrounding Christian community, but more so in the Islamic community where there is less fear of reprisal. Though we do not currently have any report that this account has caused a conversion of any Muslim to the brotherhood of Jesus, we are told that this couple’s courage is viewed by them as a noteworthy act. We certainly agree. That is why we published the report.      


    This couple made a courageous stand in a dangerous situation, in the direct face of religious terrorists.  They, by their actions, challenge the faith of those who reside in so-called “Christian” nations who have freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and who exist in favorable season.  It certainly puts the current harassment within the organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses into perspective, and shows them that they can endure whatever is thrust upon them with dignity, self-respect and with their faith in tact.    


    And finally, we have absolute confidence in the source of this particular report and we suspect that in time, it will become more widely known. 


"Elaia Luchnia"