JULY 2014




07/20/14    If the end is imminent, why have Jehovah’s Witnesses switched preaching tactics to       silently standing by literature carts?    





On July 20, 2014, we received the following comment and inquiry: 

“Dear Brothers, We were taught over the past 100 years that the END or Armageddon is IMMINENT, as if it is coming in a hurry. But look now at the new way of sharing God's Kingdom in UK which I find as a complete irony. 


"Thousands have switched tactics to stand on street corners in more than a dozen cities across Britain - and unusually for public preachers, they are staying almost completely silent... Unlike other evangelical preachers, they do not shout or call attention to themselves - instead standing in near-silence until someone approaches them."



1) If we are preaching with a sense of urgency - a matter of life and death - then why do it in silence, why be passive at this stage in history? Should it not be the reverse?    

2) As the big day draws near, would it not be more logical to up the speed in reaching out to people for them to ACT without delay instead of standing in silence near a display stand of religious literature?    

3) Would this approach send a CONFUSING signal to the rest of  [the Jehovah’s Witness] community as well as to those to whom we have preached?    

Your thoughts and comments appreciated.”    


    To the author, thank you for your email. However, your questions would be more appropriately directed to individuals who believe the end of the entire system of things is imminent.  We do not. But these developments are an indication that many among the leadership of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and many Jehovah’s Witnesses themselves, do not believe it either.     


    It is our belief that the end that is imminent is the end to sorrow, suffering and distress as soon as the true good news of the kingdom is preached throughout the earth as Jesus commanded. (Matthew 24:14) See also Experiment No. 3 - Awaiting the Second Coming.    We get several emails like this one that are designed to throw stones at a dying organization. We think it is better to use those stones for building up those who remain within the organization. Rather than standing around watching people drown, make a move to help. Do something positive. Lives are at stake.                   


    Many ex-Witnesses feel: “Now that I have ‘seen the light,’ to hell with them!” And they go even further by criticizing those who are trying to help.  It’s like escaping a burning building and then throwing gasoline while the fire department is trying to put the fire out. We want to remind those who have this mind set that they were once inside the building holding the same views and doing the same things. What if those who awoke before you were successful in ‘burning the organization down?’ Where would you be?    


    So, rather than just complaining and looking for others to complain with you, address your concerns to those at the head of the Watchtower organization who have the power to make changes. Even if your efforts do not achieve your objective, at least you can say that you made some effort to be a part of a solution rather than being part of the problem.


"Elaia Luchnia"