Topics: 144,000



03/25/12       Are we wrong? Is there two hopes? Is the Bible written only to the 144,000? 


07/09/12      Rev 14:4 says the anointed is virgin men. How can woman also have the hope?


07/29/12b    Comment from a visitor who believes the Christian Greek Scriptures are primarily directed to only 144,000 people.


09/28/12      Visitor asks several questions about 144,000 and the resurrection


12/17/12      Visitor explains why he believes the 144,000 of Revelation is not literal number.


02/23/13      Visitor believes Revelation proves 144,000 will be co-rulers with Jesus over earth.


03/07/13      Is the great crowd of Revelation 7:9 the same as the crowd of people of Revelation 5:8-10?


03/14/13      Visitor shows that the number of sons of God are not limited to 144,000.


03/19/13a    Since only 11 faithful apostles were invited to the first Memorial, does that prove only 144,000 may partake?


04/01/14      Evidence from a visitor that the Watchtower doctrine of 144,000 is wrong.


04/08/14      Visitor is confused about the 2 classes of anointed Christians as stated in the WT 1/15/14


04/19/14      Visitor explains in more detail when we act as king-priests as a follow up to Question and Response 4/11/14.


01/19/15      Where does the Watchtower say that Jesus is the mediator only for 144,000


05/12/15c    How are people or a person baptized with the Holy Spirit?


10/31/15      Are you saying that all 144,000 will be on earth when the great tribulation starts?