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05/04/15    How do angels communicate today?     




02/25/12     Discussing what "anointing" is.

03/22/12b   (1) When are the anointed retrieved to the sky?

                 (2) Are some anointed live on earth for a thousand years?

                 (3) Should they stay in the camp of Revelation 20:9?

04/07/12c   I’ve sinned so much.  Could I really be a son?

04/26/12     What are the anointed sisters’ role in the congregation? Is the anointed like elders in the congregation?

04/28/12a   Who are you?  Does it matter that I have a learning disability?

04/28/12b   If you are unsure about your anointing, doesn’t that mean you are not anointed?

04/30/12     Does having a mental illness disqualify a person from being anointed?

05/13/12     Why does the Watchtower depict the anointed as only old people?

05/19/12     How many people in history have already partaken of the emblems?

09/01/12     Does anointing need to be validated by baptism or reinstatement if a person has been disfellowshipped? And author’s follow up comment

01/23/13     Are you sure Daniel will be resurrected to the heaven? I don’t believe I am anointed.

02/15/13     Visitor torn between the two conflicting visions of eternal life. [ Is the heavenly calling supernatural]

05/14/13a   Visitor asked how young can a person partake and what if one partakes and they are not anointed.

11/22/13     Response to a visitor to rejects the heavenly hope.

12/05/13     The February 15, 2014 Watchtower’s ‘new light’ of a rapture for the Anointed

01/09/14     What do you think about the number of Memorial partakers in 2013?

03/09/14     Are those who are not anointed under the authority of the darkness? (WT 1/15/14 - Colossians 1:13)

04/08/14     Visitor is confused about the 2 classes of anointed Christians as stated in the WT 1/15/14

12/03/14     Do ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses have the special overwhelming feeling of anointing

12/08/14     Visitor does not believe Jehovah’s Witnesses have unusual spiritual experiences.

05/12/15c   How are people or a person baptized with the Holy Spirit?

05/16/15     In QR 5/12/15, are we promising freedom without moral restraint?

09/13/15     What was the “new light” in the September 2015 JW Broadcast




03/11/12     Visitor is concerned that the teachings on this website may be apostate.

10/26/12     Visitor believes we are apostates and disapproved by the Governing Body.

11/02/12     Visitor responds to our defense against the claim that we are apostates.

12/18/12     Visitor accuses us of being murmurers like the sons of Korah.

12/23/12     Follow up to accusation of being murmurers.

06/28/13     Visitor asks if we are going to write a letter to the Governing Body denouncing the calling at the 2013 District Convention name.

09/06/13     Are we a breakaway group? Are these new scrolls? Who is Elaia Luchnia?

01/15/14     Visitor believes we are trashing ‘Jehovah’s earthly organization

03/31/14     Visitor believes we are trashing ‘Jehovah’s earthly organization

08/02/14     Visitor intends to report us to the Governing Body if we do not close down this website and stop publishing Bible-based material.

08/29/14c   Why aren’t the sons and new partakers being disfellowshiped as apostates?

10/12/14     Why didn’t the brother in the Fenway Apostasy article remain silent like Jesus




06/18/12     What happened to Jesus at his baptism?

07/28/12     Is water baptism symbolic or is it the actual joining to Christ?

07/29/12a   Is there a scriptural text that says baptism is symbolic?

11/20/12     How should I conduct re-baptisms?

03/04/14     Should we discourage young ones from getting baptized until they reach an age of maturity?

05/12/15c   How are people or a person baptized with the Holy Spirit?

05/16/15     In QR 5/12/15, are we promising freedom without moral restraint

12/01/15     Doesn’t the baptism of Jehovah’s Witnesses really make them witnesses of the organization not of God?




07/29/12b   Comment from a visitor who believes the Christian Greek Scriptures are primarily to only 144,000 people directed.

05/18/13    Visitor asks why we refer to the Gospel Accounts as hearsay.

09/06/13    Are we a breakaway group? Are these new scrolls? Who is Elaia Luchnia?

09/12/13    Was ‘obeisance’ the wrong word used by the Society at Acts 10:25-26?

01/23/14    Visitor is worried that we might be going ‘beyond the things written.

05/06/14    What version of the Bible do you use

05/26/14    Do you think there needs to be a reformation of Paul’s teachings

06/01/14    Should we not pay attention to Paul’s writings and are you encouraging us to read the aprocryphal?

11/02/14    Why does the Revised New World Translation omit John 8:1-11

02/21/16    Visitor asserts that the  Bible is infallible




10/07/12a   What is our opinion on the blood transfusion ban




04/07/12c   I’ve sinned so much.  Could I really be a son?

02/21/13    Visitor does not believe Daniel or John the Baptizer will be in heaven because they were not born again.




02/28/13    Visitor objects to Society’s coloring pages for children.

04/26/13    What do I teach my young children ages 1 to 3?

02/07/14    When celebrating the Memorial at home, what kind of bread and wine should we use and can our children participate

03/04/14    Should we discourage young ones from getting baptized until they reach an age of maturity




11/12/12    Correction to article “ A Turning of the Shadow

10/23/13    Visitor offers a correction to Question and Response 10/3/13.

04/11/14    Over whom do the ‘kings-priests’ rule? 

02/21/16    Visitor suggests correction to article "Is The Good News From God?"




11/03/15    Did Jesus die on a cross and is it appropriate to wear a cross?         





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