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The Cherished Earthly Hope

Foundation Articles for Jehovah’s Witnesses 

Open Letters to the Society of Jehovah’s Witnesses   

Possibilities for the Father's Acceptable Year

Transitioning to the Kingdom of the Heavens  





Bringing Heaven Down

Building Up the Brotherhood

Divine Relationships 

Glorious Heavenly Hope            

Good News for the Sons of the Kingdom 

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Kingdom Updates

Updates on the progress of the work of effecting a positive change in the teachings of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Memorial Articles

Encouraging articles on the importance and practice of commemorating the Memorial of Christ’s Death / Memorial Supper / Remembrance Supper.


The Cherished Earthly Hope 

A series of articles that realistically examine the hope to live on earth forever.


Foundation Articles for Jehovah’s Witnesses

A series of articles that progressively shows Jehovah’s Witnesses that they are far more than friends of God.


Seven Letters to the Seven Congregations

1. To the Body of Christ That Is Scattered Abroad

2. The Importance of Truth

3. Jehovah Has Not Shut off Entry into the Kingdom of the Heavens

4. How Do We Know That Jehovah Is Still Calling Anointed Sons?

5. Why Are the Older Anointed Reluctant to Recognize the Younger Anointed?

6. Why Are the Earthly Sons Reluctant to Recognize the Younger Anointed?

7. The Consequences That Have Resulted from the Failure to Recognize All the Anointed.

The Royal Priesthood and the Holy Nation

1. A Typical Representation

2. A Shadow of Good Things to Come

3. A Turning of the Shadow

4. A Hazy Outline as Through a Metal Mirror

5. The Covenant for A Kingdom – the Royal Priesthood

6. The Triumph of the Sacred Secret

Observing the Oneness of the Faith

1. The One Lord

2. The One Faith

3. The One Hope

4. The One Baptism

5. Bringing it All Together

6. The Honor of Being Associated with the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society Ambassadors

Ambassadors Substituting for Christ
          1. The Assignment as Ambassadors
          2. The Significance of Substituting for Christ
          3. The Faith and Religion of Jesus
          4. Revealing the Awe-Inspiring Father of All
          5. Ambassadors of the Kingdom of the Heavens
          6. Unity Under the One Kingdom of our God

Substituting for Christ Standing for the Brotherhood

Open Letters to the Society of Jehovah's Witnesses
Letters we sent to the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Writing Department and the Office of Public Relations to effect change in the teachings of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Possibilities - For the Father’s Acceptable Year
Our plan of reformation and spiritualization for the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses to change them into a God-oriented, Christ-following, Spirit-directed Fellowship.

Transitioning to the Kingdom of the Heavens

A series of articles designed to help Jehovah’s Witnesses transition from a man-dominated organization to a Christ-following fellowship.



Our suggestions as to how the Watchtower organization can transition from an earth-dominated organization to a heaven-seeking spirit ledbrotherho od are presented as dramatizations. 




Building Up the Brotherhood

A series of independent articles designed to strengthen and build up the brotherhood of Christ as faith sons of God by amplifying Jesus’ original, authentic, actual, plain and open teachings.


Bringing Heaven Down

A series of articles proposing the “Ninevite Possibility” that God’s will can be done on earth through repentance rather than an cataclysmic destruction.

Divine Relationships

A series of articles that discuss the divine personalities and how holy spirit effects and interacts with mankind.


The Glorious Heavenly Hope

A series of articles that examine what we can glean from the Hebrew and Christian Bible writers about the heavenly hope, and contemplations on what heavenly life might be like.


Good News for the Sons of the Kingdom
An enhanced understanding of the Society’s 2012 brochure “Good News From God” that appeals to the modern mature spiritual mind.

  • Introduction   

  • Chapter 1 -   What Is the Good News?  

  • Chapter 2 -   Who Is God?  

  • Chapter 3 -   Is Good News Really From God?  

  • Chapter 4 -   Who is Jesus Christ?  

  • Chapter 5 -   What is God’s Purpose for the Earth?  

  • Chapter 6 -   What Hope is There for the Dead?  

  • Chapter 7 -   What is God's Kingdom

  • Chapter 8 -   Why Does God Allow Evil and Suffering?   

  • Chapter 9 -   How Can Your Family Be Happy?    

  • Chapter 10 - How Can You Recognize True Worship?  

  • Chapter 11 - How Do Bible Principles Benefit Us?     

  • Chapter 12 - How Can You Draw Close to God?    

  • Chapter 13 - What is the Good News About Religion?   

  • Chapter 14 - Does God Have an Organization?    

  • Chapter 15 - The Good News – A Message for All People  


Kingdom Shorts

A series of notes amplifying the plain teachings of the Christ


The Truth that Sets Us Free

A symposium of articles that progressively show how to build and/or rebuild our faith on the solid foundation of truth.



Who’s Awake at the Watchtower? 

Comments from our readers and commentaries about recent the Study Editions of the Watchtower magazine.



Audio Recordings

Audio recordings of some of the articles provided by volunteer readers

Art Gallery/Downloads




Questions and Responses

We encourage our visitors to ask questions about anything posted to our site. The emails that are not too personal are posted here along with our responses.


Emails and Special Letters

We have received several wonderful emails expressing appreciation for the site. Those that are not too personal are published in this section for the encouragement of our visitors.




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