August 30, 2014



   The Annual General Meeting of Jehovah’s Witnesses occurs early in October of each year. We suspect this year’s meeting will take place on or about October 4, 2014. These meetings have been occasions to introduce new publications, to explain new understandings, to make special announcements, and to set the tone for the upcoming year.  So we wonder what is in store for this year’s meeting.

    In our drama, 
The Announcement, we suggest that this year could be the year the Governing Body publicly announces that the Two-Hope Doctrine is an error, and that all of Jehovah’s Witnesses should be pursuing the heavenly kingdom as their eternal destiny. It certainly would be the appropriate time to make such an announcement since the issue of sonship with God and partaking of the Memorial emblems is the primary topic of conversation in congregations and branches the world over.

    The reluctance of the Governing Body to acknowledge the one true hope has resulted in unsteadiness and turmoil in the organization. Hundreds of overseers and pioneers are stepping down from their assignments, thousands of publishers are walking away from the organization, the poor quality of ‘spiritual food’ coming out of the Writing Department is stagnating and confusing the flock, the mounting legal and financial problems are taxing the financial resources, and the division among the Governing Body members is growing. But these are just a beginning of their pangs of distress.

    Currently, the lack of trust in the Bethel headquarters is at an all time high. Their attempts at ‘tightening the ship’ has not stopped the steady flow of leaks of their confidential information. Nor has the added camera surveillance or the restrictions and monitoring of internet use prevented the Bethel family from accessing the plain and open teachings of Jesus. The uncanny accuracy of the respective personalities of the Governing Body as presented in our Dramas, especially A Prelude to Leadership, have escalated the lack of trust at an alarming rate. Even department heads are pointing fingers at one another in their confusion and determination to discover our sources.  Yet we learned just this week that the Public Relations Department along with the Governing Body are up late at night scrambling to manage this dysfunction, as they experience the weeping and gnashing of their teeth!

    We also know that the details of the upcoming Annual Meeting is, even at this late date, still a work in progress. They want to place the emphasis on the progress of the Warwick project to show its value and why it is so important to finish on time. But that may change. Because of the unexpected progress of the ministry of the plain and open teachings of Jesus, the Governing Body is being forced to face a reality of greater magnitude. Specifically, their continued teachings that serve to ‘shut up the kingdom of the heavens’ to our brothers and sisters is preventing the flow of any refreshing life giving waters and so they rightly fear that touting their material accomplishments will fail to impress.

    But the worst is still to come if they do not turn back from their present course.  The severe dysfunction occurring at headquarters will soon infect the branch offices and will eventually seep into every congregation. Error is allowed, but not forever. At some point, they must reap what they have sown. The measure they have measured out is being measured out to them. Neither God nor His Son shall be mocked, and their harvest is near!

    So what will the Governing Body choose to do this year? Will they take the wise course and properly honor Jesus as the head of the congregation and the one to whom every knee should bend, or will they go forward with extolling the progress of their building projects? Will they take action to build up the spiritual condition of the brothers and sisters, or will they place their material advancements at the forefront? Will they provide information to alleviate the distress of the brothers and sisters, or will they demand more and more of their limited and precious time and resources? And will they confess their errors and open the doors to the kingdom of the heavens to all, or will they exalt themselves and reiterate their demand for absolute obedience to their unsound and misguided directives?

    This is truly an Annual Meeting to watch, for whatever occurs will reveal the true heart and spirit condition of the men in charge, and it will provide needed information and direction to the sons of the Kingdom on how to move forward or move away in the coming year. So to all, especially to those who are straddling the fence and continue to subject themselves to the errors of the Governing Body, we exhort you to pay more than the usual attention. Listen for the substance. Will they encourage our brothers to build faith in Christ or will they, in effect, proclaim, “Who is like the Slave!!”

    We will, of course, hope for the best. And, as wisdom dictates, we will prepare for what may unfortunately be the worst. And we hope all Jehovah’s Witnesses who are serious about their relationship with Jehovah, and truly desirous of eternal life, will not fall victim to the commercializing and secularizing of what was once a thriving fellowship of God-oriented people.

    We, at AnointedJW, began this year with a proclamation that this is the Father’s Acceptable Year and the Watchtower Society’s Time of Inspection. The Governing Body began this year with their celebration of 100 years of stalled prophecy. Thus, this year can culminate as the Governing Body’s glorious or inglorious hour. Their shining victory or their darkest defeat!

    We encourage them to think hard about this upcoming Annual Meeting. Allow the Spirit of Truth to have a seat at the table and make their decision after heartfelt prayer and communion with the Father. And if there is not a consensus among the Governing Body to do what they know to be right, then let those men who choose to serve God take their stand so that they do not go down in shame with the ship. Let them stand shoulder to shoulder with their true brothers in Christ, the faith sons of God, and let them turn away from the sons of disobedience.

    May the Father’s will be done! And as always, we welcome your comments.


"Elaia Luchnia"



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