September 2, 2014



    As we near the Annual General Meeting of Jehovah’s Witnesses, we are learning more and more about the proposed program. It appears that elements within the Watchtower Society are determined to press forward with self-aggrandizement in total disregard of the Christ.  Though it has not been firmly set in stone, we now understand that the Governing Body has decided to praise their building project at Warwick, tout their misleading numbers of purported growth, and hype this summer’s international conventions.They are not keen on discussing the content of the conventions, but rather the showy display.

    For example, they intend to highlight the beautiful international garb, the glowing smiles of the delegates, and the beautiful scenic highlights of the convention cities. We wonder if they will acknowledge the unusual after-convention parties held at the Kingdom Halls, the same type of parties they condemn ‘Christendom’ for.  We wonder if they will give due appreciation for the corporations and municipalities who subsidized their conventions – joining with entities whom they unabashedly claim are ‘part of Satan’s system.’

    We suspect they will highlight the August campaign to promote, not the good news of the kingdom, but the revamped website of the Watchtower organization. We wonder if they will display the thousands of trinkets emblazoned with the new ‘mark’ of the Society – JW.ORG. This ‘mark’ is being placed on practically anything used by Jehovah’s Witnesses, including jewelry and hats worn on their ‘hands and foreheads.’ We wonder if they will mention the millions of hours devoted, not to the ministry of Christ Jesus, but to the service of commercializing the manmade ‘mark’ of the Watchtower organization right within the Kingdom Halls!

    We doubt the Governing Body gave much thought to the potential consequences of its August campaign.  Specifically, that traffic to our website has nearly tripled as many people seeking apparently decided to visit where they are getting the plain and open teachings of Jesus rather than the misleading propaganda of the Watchtower Society!

   We also learned that the Governing Body intends to parade across the stage several poor souls whom they have chosen to be the poster children for the ‘sons of disobedience.’ These unfortunate convention goers will be used, not to glorify the Christ and his kingdom, but to prop up a dying organization, and give the impression that Jehovah’s Witnesses are a loving international Christian brotherhood, when, in fact, they are the leaders in persecuting all who chose to follow the Christ. 

  What a sad waste of a powerful opportunity! It is becoming apparent that the Governing Body, as a collective unit, will not ‘bend their knees’ to the Christ nor turn their attention to the King and his Kingdom! The window of opportunity to humble themselves, admit their errors and get the organization on the right track is closing rapidly as this monumental year comes to a conclusion. Millions will be watching to witness the self-inflicted demise of a once thriving and joyous religious association – an association that many of the ‘old timers’ hardly even recognize!

    Although it has been said many times that the Governing Body only acts when they are all in agreement, this year may be quite different. We know that not all seven members of the Governing Body are on board with this intended tragic display of rebellion. There are a few whose consciences are being tormented and who are being left out of the loop, so to speak. The ‘rebellious sons’ on the Governing Body are presumptuously moving ahead with their own agenda in complete disregard of their brothers who are urging a more humble approach. We exhort those heartbroken brothers to seek out the traveling overseers who have been reaching out to you. Call them for comfort and to pray with you so that you can be strengthened, as James recommended:


“Is there anyone sick among you? Let him call the elders of the congregation to him, and let them pray over him, applying oil to him in the name of Jehovah. And the prayer of faith will make the sick one well, and Jehovah will raise him up. Also, if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven.”

James 5:14-15

    You will find no better opportunity to make an open confession of the Christ than by refusing to participate in the persecution and silencing of Christ’s brothers, and turning away from this year’s Annual General Meeting. Like the Apostle Paul, who had previously persecuted the brothers of Christ, you can turn to doing good to Christ’s brothers and be welcomed into a true brotherhood – the kingdom of the son of his love. And by your courageous faith and humility before the Christ, you will lead many to righteousness, even though your wayward brethren are choosing to lead as many as possible into the pit.

   The agitation and dysfunction at the Bethel headquarters is to be expected when the sons of God and brothers of Christ stand up for what is right and just. It is moments such as these that become priceless to all of our far-flung celestial family. It makes their continued struggle to assist the faith sons worth every second and reaffirms the Father’s wisdom of delay and the absoluteness of perfection of the true good news.  Blessed be all those who are wise enough to honor the Son!

   In the past, when brothers have sought to turn the organization toward Christ, they were shamed and forced out of the organization into an isolated existence. But that is not the case today. Today, men and women who accept Jesus as their leader and pursue the one hope he held out to mankind have a nation of sons of the Kingdom who will stand side by side with them. The sons of the Kingdom are not alone and can never again be manipulated by threats of isolation. These words are meant for not only the struggling sons on the Governing Body, but all members of the congregations and Bethel families the world over.  Remember the love you had at first, not the fearful allegiance that is being foisted upon you by the ‘sons of disobedience.’

    The authors and associates of this site are generally a very hopeful and optimistic group. However, as time passes, it is increasingly difficult to have hope for men who do not fear Christ Jesus and who choose to boast in their own accomplishments. This particular ‘ship of faith’ may not be salvageable and may be destined to hit the ‘iceberg.’ Therefore, the time for the sons of God to physically ‘flee to the mountains’ is fast approaching. And when the spirit-led brothers and sisters leave the organization, the remaining fleshly minded individuals will devour one another as the organization implodes, just like during the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 C.E.!

    We will continue our countdown to the Annual General Meeting in hopes that maybe some on the Governing Body and in the Bethel families around the world will step up and save themselves.  This is an important time in the Watchtower Society’s history. May the Father’s spirit be with all who obey and honor the Christ and who turn aside from error and death.

    And as always, we welcome the comments of all, which will be held in the strictest of confidence if you merely request it.


"Elaia Luchnia"



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