August 18, 2016



     We want to give our brothers and sisters an update on our circumstances. 


    As we published in an urgent announcement a few days ago, our financial situation has reached a point where we are not sure how we can move forward with this online ministry. We had hoped, based on the millions of visitors and thousands of emails we have received over the years, that those who have benefitted from our ministry, those who use our articles and materials in their personal ministry, and those who appreciate what we have done would be willing to offer a little financial support to help us during this critical time. In response, we only received 17 emails from our readers, 12 who made a donation and 5 who could not make a donation but wanted us to know that they appreciate what we do. And we value the 5 as much as the 17. Because of their assistance, we have been able to pay some urgent utility bills and medical expenses, but we have not been able to meet our outstanding housing expense.


     The good news is that our landlord has continued to be understanding and extremely patient. While we have in the past shared with her briefly what we are doing in this ministry, we do not know if she ever visited the sites or if she has any conscious awareness of our work. Nevertheless, she has allowed us to go several months without paying rent, believing we will somehow catch up, which we have always managed to do in the past. This time, we do not see clearly how we can catch up. So, for now, she has set aside our arrearages and only asks that we pay rent for the current month and then try to keep current. We are certain that if we were renting from any other person, we would have been evicted long, long ago. We cannot help but believe that our celestial family has in some way intervened on our behalf in this matter. So, while we continue to need the support of our human family, the heavy burden of back rent has been lifted for now.


     We suspect some of our readers might wonder why our celestial family has not directly provided for our financial needs. The simple answer is that celestials do not have any money because they do not engage in our commerce. And it would be a violation of free will to take or somehow coerce money from someone to give it to someone else. However, they can nudge those who are already predisposed to donate by bringing certain matters to their attention or maneuvering circumstances that might reveal how they can assist others. This has apparently been the case with our landlord, and possibly with those who have been able to assist us thus far.


     Notwithstanding their restrictions on directly intervening in secular matters, our celestial family can, and does, work to upbuild us all spiritually, reminding us of our true standing with the Father, and the temporary nature of all mortal calamities. This encouragement can, and does, often give us a fresh perspective and renewed energy to face our challenges head on. We accept that our life on this pilot planet is truly of our own making, thus all benefits in a secular way must be rightly earned. So we will continue to diligently work out our problems with a hopeful attitude, maintaining an assured faith that we will find workable solutions.            


     We also know that we are not the only ones suffering in this way. Many of our brothers and sisters around the world are facing the same and even greater challenges, such as those currently dealing with the flooding and storms in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and elsewhere. We recently learned of the plight of a certain group of Faith Sons in Texas who were harshly affected by the severe storm and flash flooding that occurred this past June. Their example of brotherly love is so touching. They remind us of the 1st century Christians who, when faced with calamity, joined together and held “all things in common” for the good of all. We are honored to be in association with them. Those Faith Sons are unable to assist us financially, but have offered their sincere words of encouragement and brotherly love. Their expressions have worked to renew our hope and determination to continue our ministry to the best of our ability.


      While we are not yet ‘out of the woods’ financially, we do see the Father’s continued blessing, our celestial family’s continued support, and the genuine appreciation of some among our human family of Faith Sons. For our part, as long as we have electricity and internet access, we will continue with our ministry of uplifting the spiritual conversation in new and innovative ways, although we anticipate we will have to make some significant changes in how we provide information so that we can meet our immediate and long term needs. 


     Until then, we hope you continue to benefit from this ministry of uplifting the spiritual conversation worldwide by reintroducing the authentic, actual, plain and open teachings of Jesus for as long as we are able to keep our online ministry going.


Your Brothers in Faith