Dear Brothers and Sisters,


      We have come to a critical point in our ministry where we cannot continue much longer without the support of our human family of faith sons.


      We have freely given our all and more to this ministry “to uplift the spiritual conversation worldwide” and to assist others in drawing closer to Christ Jesus and our Heavenly Father. For the past 4-1/2 years, we have published hundreds of articles and answered thousands of private emails. Each year, we try to expand our ministry in fresh and innovative ways to encourage growth and the pursuit of spiritual excellence.


     We have continued these efforts despite dealing with severe health issues, which caused the immediate and permanent loss of half of our household income, along with a simultaneous and significant increase in medical expenses. The challenges have often seemed insurmountable. At this point, we have thoroughly exhausted all of our personal resources and we now stand on the brink of financial disaster. To put it bluntly, in less than 30 days, we may be without utilities and, soon thereafter, homeless.


      We have fought long and hard to stay financially afloat and not neglect this ministry because we know this ministry has touched the lives of millions of people around the world. Yet, over the entire 4-1/2 year period, less than 30 people have thought to donate in appreciation of the work we are doing. (Luke 17:11-19) We know that those who love Christ are a generous people, so we suspect our readers do not understand our plight. And so now we are making it known in hopes that, with your support, we can continue these ministries.


     If you are inclined to help, please click on the Donate link on the menu button below or by mail to:



c/o L&RCTA

9909 Topanga Canyon Blvd.,

Suite 247

Chatsworth, California 901311

    Thank you all in advance for your support and brotherly love.


Your Brothers in Faith