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10/12/20      Housekeeping

07/20/20      Website updated


07/15/20      Revised Video - What is This Website About?


06/30/20      Housekeeping

12/14/19      Housekeeping


03/20/19      Add 1 new Question from Reader: Was Jesus us in the earth for 3 days and nights? - follow up question

03/10/19       Add 1 new Question from Reader: Did Jesus Lose Faith on the Torture Stake?


03/08/19       Add 1 new Question from Reader: Could it be that Jesus deceived us, that he made a mistake, that he 

                     lied to us, when he said that he would be in he burial tomb for 3 days and 3 nights?


01/07/19       Add 1 new Question from Reader: What is your opinion of Robert King and e-watchtower?


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