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12/20/16      Add 1 new Email From a Visitor


12/17/16      Add new Announcement

12/03/16      Add 1 new Email From a Visitor


10/24/16      Add 1 new Question and Response

Should we vote to protect our religious freedoms?


10/19/16      Add June 2012 Our Journey to Enlightenment


10/09/16      Add new Audio File 

Sexual Uncleanness and the Heavenly Hope


10/04/16      Add May 2012 Our Journey to Enlightenment


09/29/16      Add 1 new article: 

 Sexual Uncleanness and the Heavenly Hope


09/22/16      Add 1 new Email From a Visitor


09/21/16      Add April 2012 Our Journey to Enlightenment


09/10/16      Add March 2012 Our Journey to Enlightenment


09/04/16      Add Welcome Video page

        Add article Retracing Our Steps

        Add new page Our Journey to Enlightenment


08/18/16      UPDATE STATUS as of August 18, 2016


08/13/16      Add mailing address to Donation page.


07/26/16      Add 2 new Emails From Visitors


07/23/16      Add new article

"Insight" into the Earthly Resurrection


07/19/16      Add new article

The Walking Dead


07/01/16    Add new Question and Response

(06/30/16) Wife unites with husband in the one true hope.


06/15/16    Add new Question and Response

(06/12/16) (Visitor asks "What We Think of  Article on JWSurvey. Can a person voluntarily leave being a Jehovah's Witnesses?") 

06/03/16    Add new Email From Visitor

06/02/16    Add new Email From Visitor

04/26/16    Add new Audio File 

Pressing on to Maturity

04/03/16      Add article in Spanish and French Pressing on to Maturity 


04/03/16      Add new Email From Visitor


03/29/16      Add new article

Pressing on to Maturity


03/29/16      Add 1 new Email From Visitor


03/26/16      Add 3 new Memorial Experiences 2016


03/21/16      Add new Email From Visitor


03/19/16      Add new Email From Visitor


03/15/16      Add new article Remembering What?


03/15/16      Add new Question and Response (03/10/16) (Visitor asks "Why do Jehovah’s Witnesses choose March

23rd for the 2016 Memorial when Nisan 14 falls on April 22, 2016?)


03/09/16      Add 2 new Emails From Visitors


03/07/16      Add new article Obeying God as Ruler

                    Add new Flyer Obeying God as Ruler


02/25/16      Add 1 new Email From a Visitor 


02/25/16      Add new Question and Response (02/25/16) (Visitor suggests correction to article "Is The Good News From

God?" and asserts that the Bible is infallible)


02/19/16      Add 1 new Illustrated Poster Is the Good News Really From God?


02/07/16     We have placed PDF’s of all articles on the mobile site so that they can be downloaded to mobile devices and

viewed in iBooks


01/28/16    Add 1 new Email From a Visitor 


01/21/16    1 new translation posted in Spanish Living Truth


01/19/16    1 new translation posted in French Kingdom Update January 2016


01/12/16    1 new translation posted in Spanish The Faith and Religion of Jesus


01/11/16    Add 1 new Email From a Visitor 


01/10/16    Add 1 new Email From a Visitor 


01/09/16    Add 1 new Email From a Visitor        


01/09/16    Add Kingdom Update - January 2016


01/06/16    Add Audio File: Bringing Heaven Down - Training Our Perceptive Powers


01/04//16    Add 2 new Email From Visitors


01/04/16    1 new translation posted in French Faith Under Fire


01/02/16    Add 1 new Email from a Visitor


01/02/16    2 new translation posted in French The Bride of Christ      Happy Christgiving


01/01/16    Add new Announcement


01/01/16    Add December 2015 Website Worksheet


01/01/16    Add new Audio FileThe Ministry of the Holy Spirit


01/01/16    Add Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


01/01/16    2 new translations posted in Spanish Am I a Son -- Conquering Doubt The Legacy of Christ


01/01/16    1 new translation posted in German "We Want to Go With You" - Part 6


01/01/16    Add 1 new Email from a Visitor


01/01/16    New Announcement


01/01/16    Publish New Site


12/22/15    Add new Article The Legacy of Christ


12/16/15    Add new Question and Response (12/10/15)

                    (Visitor feels the Watchtower organization has served a good purpose in spite of its cultish behavior)


12/14/15    Add new Announcement

12/14/15    Add new Audio File "Am I a Son?" - Conquering Doubt


12/09/15    Add new Question and Response (12/8/15)

(If the earthly hope is false, how to you explain the number of people who were praying to God for

help just when Jehovah’s Witnesses came to their door?)


12/06/15    Add new Question and Response (12/1/15)

(Doesn’t the baptism of Jehovah’s Witnesses really make them witnesses of the organization not of God?)

12/05/15    Add Audio file: The Reality of the Spirit of Truth

12/02/15    Add November 2015 Website Worksheet